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Let’s dive deep into what the real rich and wealthy people do. Most people are seeking success and financial freedom. Even more, people are looking into personal development only to get rich, but not enough people are looking for the “right ways” to become wealthy and happy.

They forget the necessary steps that truly manifest health, wealth, and happiness the absolute way. Luckily for you, we have had the pleasure of having wealthy mentors teach us exactly what we needed to focus on to not only be wealthy but also become happy and at peace after attaining success. Are you ready for the free secrets? Let’s dive right in.

Allow me to share a quick story of my journey in personal development to wealth and financial freedom. I used to be desperate and burn through “opportunities” faster than a cheap candle at the dollar store. I tried multi-level marketing, real estate investing, Etsy, red bubble, amazon wholesale, drop shipping, flipping products, Youtube, Tik-Tok, and countless others.

Some I made pennies, some I made enough to buy tampons, and others I became a wine drinker to go to sleep and dream about the money I could make. When I was finally working on what truly brought me happiness and joy, I found greatness and fortune and never looked back.


Now keynote here, it isn’t to say that those money-making opportunities don’t work. Because I’ve seen people make it in those business ventures.

However, true happiness did not come from them. At least for us. Joy, passion, and inner peace came from the habits and techniques I am about to share with you from mentors for whom we paid big bucks. So take notes, and if you come across an idea you heard before, the universe is telling you to jump on it and never procrastinate again. Let’s dive deep into the 10 best personal development tips that wealthy people work on.

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What is Wealth?

Wealth is the totality of all assets that one possesses that increase the overall value of a human being. Assets include emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, physical health, social health, and intellect. Wealth is not only financial independence or material possession but health in every area that improves a person or community. Personal development at its finest.

People are always looking for ways to make a quick buck online and change their lives. They are seeking get-rich-quick schemes and researching business models to attain financial freedom. They are looking to become wealthy by any means necessary, especially if it looks appealing or trendy; sound familiar? However, most people are unaware of what it takes and don’t know how to go about it.

People find the perfect opportunity and sell their souls to win. Only later find out that they needed to keep their mental health and stress levels under control as they sought out this “opportunity” that caught their attention.

So if you do not want to be that person who discovers a “scam” or great “opportunity” on Youtube that sounds too good to be true, only to find out that happiness does not come from getting rich, then keep reading. It’s important to work on personal development and self-growth in a way that allows you to attract abundance and bliss into your life without headache and pain, the correct way.

Why does Achieving Wealth Lead to Depression?

Wealth is not so much an accumulation of material possessions like money, real estate, investments, or business. It is only the end result of combined actions that lead to success in any given area that yields returns in which that person may desire. It is important that if you are to desire success and extreme wealth, you learn the key tools that enable the enrichening of wealth to enjoy it happily and freely.

When I became what modern-day people call “rich,” owning many assets, investments, and businesses, I thought it would make me happy. But instead, I pretended to be happy.

Others believed I was successful, and it made me feel great, but it was a lie I fed myself daily to provide that happiness and love I was missing.

The road to riches is not what you may think it is. I want to be clear here and tell you that if you seek fortune, please pick up along the way everything in this blog to help you truly attain peace in your life while you reach your desired money goals. Because depression, high stress, anxiety, and the fear of losing it all, await you if you don’t.

10 Best Tips to Get Rich The Right Way

Wealth Tip 1: Heal Along The Way

This was the last thing I decided to do in my personal development and road to riches. It was the worst mistake of my life which is why it is the best tip I can give. It is also why I am giving it to you first. Healing from your past is literally the secret to your happiness.

We all struggle with painful memories and dark moments that we had to live through. Whether big trauma or minute, it was still hurtful. Losing a best friend, a terrible breakup, divorce, business failure, losing your money, or getting into a traumatizing incident are all examples. Please take action on this immediately and work on it faithfully.

How to Self Heal:

These are all requirements if you wish to get to the end of your journey, look back with no regrets, and live nightmare-free.

Wealth Tip 2: Build An Online Business

I spent most of my life building a brick-and-mortar, physical, tangible business because I thought it was the best route to go. I purchased an office in my early stages of business, and it only came with headaches. The sound of it all appeared so good in my head.

However, the process of it is painful. Also, you don’t need it to become successful. In fact, the opposite is more so the way to go. Online is now stronger than brick and mortar. Take a look at business moguls, Amazon, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Etsy, and eBay. Should I keep going? Build an online business and invest all online.

How to build an online business:

The idea here is to not go all in, in a physical place for business just because others are doing it. The point is to establish freedom and have the luxury of not being tied, glued, and or owned by your business or company. If you wish to travel with your family, stay in any country, or work from anywhere, stay away from owning a physical location, at least for the first 10+ years in business.

Wealth Tip 3: Invest in Your Self 80%

People get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. So if this is true, how can you bring value? By bringing yourself to the marketplace. To do this successfully, you have to invest in yourself.

Without a doubt, if you have been into personal development for quite some time now, there is no surprise that investing in yourself and your skills is just as important as investing in assets.

Most people don’t realize that they are the world’s greatest asset. What would life be like for you if you invested 1 million dollars into yourself? Someone would say why do that when I can just buy multiple businesses?

Okay, well, what happens after that? Who will run it? How will it run? This is why you need to put money in YOU. What kind of person would you be if you paid half that in courses, 25% of that for your natural beauty and health, and the other 25% of that for mentors and business coaches?

Where would you be in life if you worked on yourself in that way for one year straight every day? Yet people skip this part.

investing in yourself

What would I do with my money if I had to start over? First, I would take a full year and disappear somewhere off the map. No friends, family (other than my spouse and kids), social media, or TV. Then I would:

There are a million and one ways to invest in yourself. Only you can answer that question. You are the only person that knows what you need to work on. If you struggle with figuring out what exactly you need help with, perhaps this article “How to work on yourself to create your desired lifestyle” will help you and clarify it all step by step.

What would you like to invest in for yourself that will enhance, improve and transform your life for the better? DO NOT spend your money on investments such as bitcoin, real estate, franchises, or liabilities that cost you tons of month (until you have an established business) and does not improve your intelligence or financial I.Q.

Wealth Tip 4: Be a Mindful Parent

Time and time again, people are seeking the wrong things when devising their personal development strategy. They look for money as an escape route to provide a better lifestyle or treat their family to a lavish lifestyle while simultaneously forgetting to maintain the most important relationships that will bring them happiness after they have attained their biggest dreams.

If you are a parent or soon-to-be. Even if you have lost touch with your child, perhaps from a break-up. Being mindful of your children brings the fire and energy that you need to have love, joy, and success. When all else fails, as businesses often do, you can still lean on the most important people in the world. By enhancing your relationships, you will attain a lot more than money.

If you struggle with mindfulness, read my complete step by step post here on “How to be Mindful when everyone else isn’t.”

Why you should be a good parent?

and much more. I have rich friends who have lost the privilege of calling their son or daughter their child. I have wealthy associates who have destroyed their relationships with their children and have nothing to look back on. Their family has turned their back on them because they chose money over family. It is such a sad story to see this in real life. Do not choose money over family, ever. Please do not sell your soul to your business or dream.

Wealth Tip 5: Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

If you have been searching for the best asset to invest in, you are looking in the wrong places. When I was younger, I wasted so much time on the wrong things, the wrong people, and the wrong ideas. Time is the most valuable commodity.

You can never get it back. You may hear this often, but if it still doesn’t change your mind and light a fire under your ass, ask ten people at a local nursing home who are elders. Ask them this one question. What do you regret the most? You’ll get a lot of answers.

However, the most common is wasting time. Limit the amount of time you waste with people and things, and you’ll live an abundant life.

how to be productive, time management

How to be more productive in life:

Better yet, ask yourself what you should focus on to help you create more time? Only you can answer this question perfectly.

Wealth Tip 6: Love Your Spouse Before Money

Depending on your priorities, most times, the people closest to you suffer as you attain success. Because of the amount of growth you have to go through to become wealthy, you often leave others behind due to your mind and perception changing. You forget what it felt like to be where you were or, where they are.

At the end of it all, you look back and realize that you are not the same person; you look at others differently because those people cannot relate.

You seem distant and want to be focused on success. So what do you do to ensure that the people you love come with you on your journey?

Here’s a few ways to ensure that you are aligned with your goals and vision with your spouse, and that who you are doing it for does not leave your line of sight. It is easy to lose yourself in success.

How to grow in a relationship:

These are just the basics and easiest tips I can share that have helped me have a successful marriage and love my spouse more than when we first got together and before all the money.

These will help you stay focused and remind you that your spouse is who you are doing it for. And you have no intention of being without or leaving them behind.

Wealth Tip 7: Pick a Healthy Habit

This seems cliche. But believe it or not, many successful people who mastered personal development gained success and riches but have no healthy habits they can lean on that give them happiness or peace.

They were so busy working on themselves and making business moves that lost touch with their inner child. They grew up too fast, forgetting that there is more to life after attaining wealth and fame. Instead, they took with their bad habits and toxic hobbies.

Bad habits include drinking, partying, spending money, sex, infidelity, smoking, pain and greed, selfishness, and many others.

Use these habits as an addition to your personal development plan, include them in your daily routine, and make them a part of your success plan. Some of these you heard, others you may have not. However, choose one and harness the craft.

What are the 18 healthy habits?

Some of these are hobbies, others are habits. Learn how to awaken yourself and discover what your passions and hobbies are. However, the goal is to choose one option that keeps you mentally strong and physically fit.

Remember this; you need three hobbies, one to keep you fit, one to keep you creative, and the other that help you make a fortune. Revert back to when you were a child. What did you love doing?

how to try new things, new things

Wealth Tip 8: Try Everything Once

One thing that has helped us achieve success at such a high rate was that we tried almost everything under the sun that makes money or brings success. By trying everything once, even if it is something that you don’t want to do, you have the ability to experience life at the highest level possible.

What would life be like for you if you tried doing something once every single day? What life would you live? What kind of person would you be from it? How many things would you like? When you get old, how many experiences can you look back on?

Often times people do not focus on the long term. They don’t believe they will ever get old. And so they live each day cautiously and lack excitement in their life.

If you want to grow, whether personally or in business, then you have to get out of your comfort zone like you know to do and try that one thing that has you second-guessing yourself if you should. That is the key to living a happy and abundant life.

That is where your true success comes from. Try it in your marriage, try it with your kids, try it with your friends, try it in business. It truly is the key.

Wealth Tip 9: Invest In People

This is by far the strongest tip I can give you for massive success. Most people think they can do it alone or try to for the first few years to get things running.

This is the worst mistake you can possibly make for multiple reasons. For starters, it puts you in a selfish state. Secondly, it delays your process of growth.

By investing in people, you get the job done faster. You build relationships from the beginning, and you improve people to be better for your business and for the world. What would life be like if, instead of doing things alone and only helping ourselves out first, we all helped each other become successful as a team?

Everyone could be rich, everyone could be wealthy, and everyone would feel included in the 1%. People would love each other more. This is the vision everyone must instill if we wish to change the world. It starts with you and helping one person up at a time. Here are a few ideas of how you invest in people along the journey to success.

How to love people:

These are just a few examples of how you can invest in people. You see, not only does it make someone else have hope, but it also builds your character. It allows you to show compassion and love towards people who you normally don’t have a love for.

We all say we love people and don’t judge, but we really do. By practicing these tips on a daily basis, you will have more peace and happiness in your life when you get to the top of the mountain.

Wealth Tip 10: Give More Than You Take

This may sound like something that you have heard before. There is a reason behind it and also why people do not practice this more often.

The reason behind giving more than you take is that it allows the universe to flow abundantly through you. If you live life with closed fists, the world cannot put things that you ask for into your hands. The more you give, the more chances that later on in life, people will give to you when you don’t ask because they remembered you.

People normally do not practice this because they have a w.i.i.f.m mindset. What’s.In.It.For.Me mentality. A selfish attitude that reveals a lack of character and maturity.

Most wealthy people give most of their money away because they understand the good it does to humanity. Sure, some may give for possible reasons such as tax purposes, or they have an exchange plan between the parties however, if we can just give, simply because the creator asked us to give, then the world will have more hope for humanity than there are indeed good people who walk the earth just like the Lord God.

Having this “giving mentality” is what the world needs more of without asking for anything in exchange. Make this a part of your personal development strategy.

Do this, and you will start to notice happiness overcome you like a baby laying eyes on their mom and dad. You will have an abundance of wealth, money, love, and joy if you become more of a giver and less of a taker.

Final Thoughts on Becoming Wealthy

The most important key to building wealth and working on a strong personal development plan is understanding that wealth is built through the ideas of others who make it possible. It is wise to understand that you are the creator of what you wish to exist in your life, but only through other people can you make that dream a reality.

You will only become rich, wealthy, and happy by learning the necessary tools to uplift others and improve your community. You must remember that any business is a people business, and life is as serious as a business. Therefore, you must treat it so.

Here’s your challenge. Instead of focusing on the key aspects of what it takes to build a business with the typical personal development ideas you hear of, study people, leadership, communication, psychology, and social and emotional behavior in people, and not only will you become rich and wealthy but so will the people alongside you. That is what creates happiness in your life when Others Are Happy.

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Keep Self Healing

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