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Here are 22 of the worlds toughest shadow work prompts. In today’s article you will be able to fully reveal yourself and expose your true authentic person, by painfully and truthfully answering the 22 toughest shadow work journal prompts also known as shadow work questions that will dig deep into your dark psyche to remove stress in your life and live anxiety free in a new perspective. You will also be able to learn about shadow work in a complete modern way and also be guided to journal effectively using our techniques. Ready to begin?

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Let’s start with the basics of Shadow Work. 


What is Shadow Work?

The Shadow Work meaning is the literal practice of working within the shadow, hidden, repressed self. Using methods such as meditation, yoga, journaling and some even use magic to influence their understanding of themselves, are just some of the ways to tap into your hidden power and complete potential to heal yourself.

Shadow work is a form of psychoanalysis to influence, alter, or manipulate the mind in order to control unhappy thoughts or repressed negative memories associated with behaviors that infect, or affect the current and future self.

Shadow Work is another fancy word for “The Practice of Self-Awareness.” With a multitude of other practices to work on self-discovery, by far over half a million people believe shadow work to be the best one.

Not only does shadow work teach you about why you do the things you do, but it also allows you to heal from it. Heal from your pain and past bad memories that you hold on to that inhibit your growth and find the peace that you so much deserve. 

What are shadow work prompts?

Shadow work prompts are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to help individuals explore and confront their subconscious or hidden aspects, often referred to as the “shadow.”

These prompts encourage self-reflection, introspection, and deep inner exploration, allowing individuals to uncover and integrate suppressed emotions, fears, and negative patterns.

By engaging with shadow work prompts, individuals can gain insight, heal unresolved issues, and promote personal growth and transformation.

Examples of shadow work prompts include:

Engaging with shadow work prompts in a journaling practice or with the support of a therapist can lead to profound self-discovery, emotional healing, and a greater sense of self-awareness and authenticity.

How do shadow work prompts help in personal growth and self-discovery?

Shadow work prompts play a significant role in personal growth and self-discovery by providing a framework for exploring the hidden aspects of ourselves.

They encourage deep introspection and reflection, allowing us to confront and integrate the unconscious or suppressed parts of our psyche. Here’s how shadow work prompts help in personal growth and self-discovery:

Increased Self-Awareness

Shadow work prompts prompt us to delve into our subconscious and bring to light aspects of ourselves that may have been hidden or repressed. By exploring these shadow aspects, we gain a deeper understanding of our beliefs, patterns, and behaviors, leading to increased self-awareness.

Emotional Healing and Release

Shadow work prompts often uncover unresolved emotions, traumas, and wounds that we may have carried for a long time. By addressing and processing these emotions, we create space for healing and release, allowing us to move forward with greater emotional well-being and resilience.

Integration and Wholeness

Engaging with shadow work prompts helps us integrate the disowned or rejected parts of ourselves. It allows us to embrace and accept our shadow aspects, recognizing that they are essential aspects of our wholeness.

This integration leads to a sense of inner balance, authenticity, and a deeper connection to our true selves.

Transformation and Personal Growth

Shadow work prompts provide an opportunity for transformation and personal growth. By confronting our fears, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns, we can consciously choose to let go of what no longer serves us and cultivate new, empowering ways of being.

This transformative process opens the door to personal growth, empowerment, and the realization of our full potential.

Improved Relationships

Shadow work prompts help us explore how our shadow aspects may influence our relationships. By acknowledging and working on our own shadows, we develop greater empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

This enhanced self-awareness and emotional growth positively impact our interactions, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Shadow work prompts facilitate personal growth and self-discovery by shining a light on the hidden aspects of ourselves, fostering self-awareness, healing unresolved emotions, promoting integration, and catalyzing transformative change.

They serve as a powerful tool for individuals committed to deepening their understanding of themselves, embracing their authenticity, and evolving into their highest potential.

What are some effective ways to incorporate shadow work prompts into my journaling practice?

shadow work prompts

Incorporating shadow work prompts into your journaling practice can deepen your self-exploration and enhance the benefits of shadow work. Here are some effective ways to integrate shadow work prompts into your journaling practice:

Set a Regular Journaling Routine

Dedicate specific time slots for journaling and make it a consistent practice. Establishing a routine creates a safe and focused space for engaging with shadow work prompts regularly.

Choose Relevant Shadow Work Prompts

Select prompts that resonate with you and address specific areas or themes you wish to explore. Tailor the prompts to your personal journey and focus on aspects of yourself that you feel ready to confront and heal.

Create a Supportive Environment

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can journal without distractions. Light a candle, play calming music, or incorporate any rituals that help you create a supportive and sacred atmosphere for your journaling practice.

Start with Freewriting

Begin your journaling session by freewriting. Allow your thoughts and emotions to flow freely onto the paper without judgment or censoring. This can help uncover deeper insights and prime your mind for the shadow work prompts to come.

Reflect on the Prompt

Read the chosen shadow work prompt and take a moment to contemplate its meaning. Reflect on how it resonates with your current experiences, emotions, or patterns. Allow yourself to delve into the underlying emotions or memories that arise.

Write Stream of Consciousness

Let your thoughts flow onto the paper without filtering or editing. Write honestly and authentically, expressing your innermost thoughts, feelings, and insights. Don’t worry about grammar or structure—focus on raw expression.

Explore Subconscious Associations

If a particular word or phrase stands out in the prompt, explore any subconscious associations or memories it evokes. Write about your thoughts and feelings related to those associations, allowing deeper layers to emerge.

Practice Non-Judgment

Embrace self-compassion and non-judgment as you explore your shadow. Accept and acknowledge all aspects of yourself that arise, even if they seem uncomfortable or challenging. Create a safe space for self-expression and healing.

Reflect and Integrate

After journaling, take time to reflect on your entries. Identify recurring patterns, insights, or themes that emerge from your writing. Consider how you can integrate these newfound understandings into your daily life and personal growth journey.

Seek Support if Needed

If you encounter intense emotions or memories during your journaling practice, it can be helpful to seek support from an expert or therapist who specializes in shadow work. They can provide guidance and assistance in navigating deeper aspects of your healing journey.

Remember, the process of shadow work is deeply personal, and there is no right or wrong way to engage with the prompts.

Trust your intuition, be patient with yourself, and allow the journaling process to unfold naturally.

Through consistent practice and self-reflection, you can uncover profound insights, heal wounds, and embark on a transformative path of self-discovery.

Can shadow work prompts bring up difficult emotions, and how can I navigate them safely and effectively?

Yes, shadow work prompts have the potential to bring up difficult emotions as they encourage the exploration of deep-seated beliefs, traumas, and suppressed aspects of ourselves.

Navigating these emotions safely and effectively is essential for a productive shadow work practice. Here are some strategies to help you navigate difficult emotions during your shadow work journey:

Remember, shadow work can be a transformative and healing journey, but it is essential to prioritize your emotional well-being throughout the process. By approaching difficult emotions with patience, self-compassion, and support, you can navigate them safely and effectively, allowing for profound personal growth and healing.

When practicing shadow work, the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at the benefits of shadow work, shall we?

shadow work prompts

Pros of Shadow Work: 

…and so much more. I can go on for hours about the pros but this is not what this blog post is about today. You can check out our most popular book to get a complete list of all the pros of shadow work here. 

Now let’s talk about the cons. Now be mindful that, you will for sure experience these cons if you fail to practice self-care, and self-love, only plan to do this for shits and giggles, do not take it seriously, not get into a group that practices it together, or purposely do not follow the guidelines to practicing healthy Shadow Work. 

Cons of Shadow Work: 

The cons of course like anything else vary from person to person. These are just some honest cons to shadow work due to the vast amount of thought you must put behind it in order to successfully complete a shadow work session. It feels like a shadow work therapy session.

The most beautiful thing about the cons however, just like therapy, is the fact that they have the ability to bring out the truth and uncover who you truly are and what you are feeling in the most authentic way possible.

As the saying remains true, “The Truth Shall Set You Free, And He Who Sets You Free is Free In Deed”. If there is no pain there is no gain. You must go through the hurt to get to your healing. So much is true as to be successful you must be willing to sacrifice.

Just remember two things; Shadow Work is not dangerous, and shadow work is not evil. So please do not run away from completing the lifelong assessment of self-discovery using shadow work because it indeed is a life-transformative practice. 

Now that you have some understanding of shadow work, the next piece is part of journaling effectively. It is important to note here that when practicing shadow work, you have a complete step-by-step routine and effective method to counter-react the negative that you may encounter in your session.

I will uncover my 5 most important tips for effective journaling especially when initiating a shadow work session. 

How to do Shadow Work Effectively in Your Journal

Before you begin working on your Shadow Work prompts you need to integrate a practice or ritual to successfully enter into your mind in an altered state of consciousness.

Whether you are a beginner in journaling or you are a pro, these tips will be able to set you in a direction that you never sought to go before. It will uplift you and thoughts will just flow through you immensely nonstop. So if you are excited to learn how to journal for therapy and are excited, then keep reading.

Set the Environment on Fire 

Before you start your shadow work prompts it is important that you put yourself in the most relaxed state of mind if you wish to tap into your creative side. The side that lay dormant due to the amount of stress that you go through daily. 

You are your environment ~C.J. Perry~

It is deeply true that your energy levels are connected to the energy that surrounds you. In order to be in the right state of mind, you must set the scene on fire. What I mean by that is to set the mood around you for your personal success.

If you must or if you can, light a candle. Something about candle fire and its being lit is soothing and enables you to focus. It puts you in a trance and focused state. Your thoughts will just flow.

Your Ears Cannot See what your Eyes Cannot Hear. 

Now it may seem confusing however, I say this because, when you are writing your eyes are looking at the paper, but your ears are waiting for you to say something.

When this happens, this is where ideas come into flow. I call it the “Influx State”. Ensure that at this very moment, you harness your brain power through conscious breathing in what I like to call, breath-work and practice taking one step at a time by forcing yourself to say your first word or next sentence even when you don’t know what to say.

Like a baby that takes their first step after another, they have no idea how to walk, but they put one foot in front of the other in hopes that they can connect the flow of two feet (also known as walking) and balance off of one. It takes time to practice being perfect.

Using what’s around you such as the ambiance, your environment, the background etc, are key ways to jog up great ideas and learn more about yourself on a deeper level. Use it to your advantage. 

Use Meditative Music

Before I begin any form of journaling I tend to crack open my phone or laptop, or even Alexa, and I put on some uninterrupted spa music either from Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, or any radio app you may listen to and let it play for at least 5 minutes before I even pick up a pen or open my device in which I will be journaling in.

For this reason, it allows me to write endlessly at the most relaxed state of mind thus allowing an influx of words and ideas to come into my head and released through my hand onto paper.

This creates anticipation and buildup in what I am thinking and about to say, and can immediately write at least 1,000 words in 15-20 minutes which is as many as 4 full pages worth of writing.

Stretch Your Soul

This is my favorite tip that I could ever give you. There is nothing worse than getting ready to write tons of pages worth of shadow work journal prompts and needing to take a break because your hands hurt, your neck hurts, your back hurts, your brain hurts or you are restless or antsy and can’t wait to get it over with. This is a huge distraction and mega thought killer.

And when it comes to effective writing you want to mitigate all distractions at every possible level. Nothing should bother you, no phone, no noises, and definitely no soreness in your nerves and muscles. Most people forget this very simple easy to forget trick to successful journaling. 

Meditate to a Better Wellbeing 

When you are about to go head-on with extreme stress and baggage that you call past life, in this case, Shadow Work which works with all painful memories; then you best be the most prepared. Meditating is my 2nd favorite way to setting the mood and control my mind.

Meditation to me is what narcotic drugs may be to everyone else. It relaxes me, it controls me, it opens me up, and gets me thinking about the most ridiculous questions with answers to them that I cannot explain and most importantly, it feels damn good.

Try 5 minutes of meditation at the bare minimum before you start writing.

It will allow you to be on your best behavior when you attempt to get mad, sad, or even hurt by what shadow work is about to do to you. Ideally, I go for 30 minutes because I get two birds with one stone.

We go over that in full detail step by step how in our book Peace Be Shadow Work. I’ll also give you my free 21-day meditation challenge guide to help you stay on course and open your eyes to new ways of practicing mindfulness.

So using all these tips along with everything you may know like, how often to journal, how to keep a journal, how to journal for therapy, and how to journal for mental health and self-improvement are all great things to know and learn to journal effectively.

And to quickly answer your questions there in one sentence in case you don’t know, journal at least once a day, keep a journal app on your phone and a small 4×9 journal on you, use the techniques described above for journal therapy, and journal-like you mean it for true self-improvement and restoring your mental health. 

Now you should be well-equipped to answer some life-changing Shadow Work Journal Prompts.

You should have everything you need to be successful as a journalist and know what to do when you get stuck. Let’s get into these 22 deepest shadow work questions on the internet. 

Now if for any reason you run into a question that you do not resonate with, feel free to change the question to your own that you wish to know about yourself.

At this point, if you used the right steps outlined in this blog you should have no problems coming up with your own shadow work prompts on your own. If you don’t know the answer to the questions then skip to the next one.

All questions here are aligned with themselves, you’ll be able to answer every question as you begin to learn more about yourself.

So don’t worry too much when you are stumped on a question. Just try your best and always try to write at least one full page for each question, minimum. Get all your words out on paper.

22 Best Shadow Work Prompts for Self Control, Discipline & Awakening

1.) You understand your name, and what you do but … Who are you?

(i) Explain what you are, and who you are. The question is, who am I? (I am … (energy, a spirit, a god/goddess etc)) Fully elaborate and write until it hurts.

2.) After you die, where are you going? 

(i) Describe what you wish it to be, where you think eternity is. Describe what you think it is not.

3.) You know your culture and family background very well, but.. Where did you truly come from? 

(i) Why do you have a soul, a conscious, a divine power, energy? What do you think it is for?

4.) You have learned a lot in your life, from school, to parents and experience. You know you have skills but, what can you do in this world? What is your purpose?

(i) Your purpose comes from your passions in life. What are your passions?

5.) What are you doing on this earth? Why have you been chosen to be here?

(i) You aren’t here for no reason. Truly think about this. Write anything that comes to mind in full detail. 

6.) Why have you been struggling your entire life? What is the root cause?

(i) What do you need to do differently to have the life that you truly want? Explain in full detail.

7.) Why did your parents not set you up for personal success? What lead them to be who they are and what they are today that affected you negatively?

(i) Can you forgive them? If not, then how can you forgive me? What will allow forgiveness? How can you forgive yourself for what was done so you can move forward? You deserve peace.

8.) You feel like you mean well, and act proper towards others along with showing respect but… secretively why do you hate people?

(i) What truly bothers you about people so much? What perception do you need to develop to change that point of view?

9.) What makes you feel like this world is a waste of your time to be here? 

(i) What is something you feel so strongly in life about that you would change in this world? What are some steps that you can do to perhaps change it?

10.) Why were you stuck with the flaws that you have now? Why you?

(i) What will allow you to accept them?

11.) At your lowest points in life, you wanted to leave this planet. Would the people you left behind care? If so why? If not, then why? 

(i) What can you do differently to change this?

12.) Other people are more privileged than you, they have more, why is it that you can’t have what they have? Also… why am you jealous? 

(i) What are some things you can do and steps you can take to get what they have? Start with step one.

13.) Have you ever wanted to hurt someone intentionally that you love? If so, why? If it’s currently a thing you do, then why do you do it? 

(i) How can you change this?

14.) Why do you hurt yourself or kill yourself slowly? You drink, you smoke, you take, inflict pain. You know that these things are bad but what causes you to do it still even though you know it is not good for your health? 

(i) Why is the reason not strong enough to change? What will make it change?

15.) You have your own problems that you struggle with, addictions, flaws, you know that, but why do you do the things you do behind closed doors? 

(i) Write everything you do in private, when no one is looking, behind closed doors that you only know you do and you’re not supposed to and be brutally honest. Explain your reasoning why.

16.) How do you respond to people when they are rude or bitter towards you? Why do you treat them back that way? 

(i) What can you do to change this? * A bonus (Everyday try being more aware of every feeling that arises when speaking to someone and write what you feel) 

17.) Why do you believe that you are better than everyone else? That everyone around you is less deserving than you? What reasons do you have to be better than them and what purpose would it solve? 

(i) Where did this come from? Explain fully. 

18.) Your trust has been broken and destroyed since you were young, you are an adult now. But why have you not let this go? Why am you still holding on to this past memory? 

(i) Think of some things that cause these triggers daily, and try to associate them with the actions that you do that promote having your guard up.

19.) Your trust that has been broken by others now makes you cold and bitter. Why is it that you purposefully hurt others or make others not trust you? You do certain things like, cheat, lie, steal, deceive, and be vengeful or petty. Go in full detail and where it all started.

20.) Why do you use social media to hide your feelings? Why do you use it to judge people or compare? Why can’t you just be happy with your life and accept? 

(i) Go into details of what triggers you and what started this in the first place

21.) What makes you an unstable person? Why do you carry it with you everywhere that you go? Such as at work, your home, or school, your family, your friendships. 

(i) What are the things that lead you down this path to instability or fragility? Name everything that you can think of and dig deep into the root of the cause and elaborate as if you are talking to someone who is on your side. (#rant) 

22.) Why don’t you have 10 times as many friends as you have now? What is repelling people away from you? 

(i) Explain the root cause and what are some things you can do to change this now.

So there you have it, a fully explained super in-depth essay on shadow work journaling prompts to heal from your past and break free from inner childhood trauma. You should have everything you need to go out there and transform your mind and your way of thinking and begin a new chapter in your life. 

If you wish to have 152+ Shadow Work Prompts that will keep you busy all year then we suggest you consider our book, Peace Be Shadow Work which you can find here!

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Peace be Shadow Work

shadow work prompts

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Final Thoughts on Shadow Work Questions

With everything provided to you today, you should now have a grasp on what it takes to shadow work, how to write in your shadow work journal as well as have the confident capability to complete all the shadow work questions that we outlined for you today that are the deepest questions I had to answer when I was first starting out as a beginner.

I hope you gained some wisdom today and if you have questions shoot me an email. I dare you. 

I also challenge you to complete a 21-day Deep Meditation challenge that furthers your psyche and ability to think and create daily peace in your life.

They are super simple and will get you and keep you on track. I also encourage you to share this post today on any platform that you learn on so others too can enjoy free wisdom and be impacted using this most powerful practice that we call, Shadow Work. 

Thanks again for joining today, you beautiful soul

Love light and blessing 

C.J. Perry

Here is my favorite video on shadow work on Youtube just for added value 😉