If you’re tired of reaching out, reach in”
~C.J. Perry~

You will receive a response from me within 24- 48 hours

“I Want People To Enjoy Reaching Out And Making Their Dreams Come True”

Good Self Co.

***Before You Reach Me**

Because I take care of my son & daughter in the morning and need a few hours in the afternoon to write, I have very little time for email correspondence.

The end result is I’ve created a few rules for contacting me.

Next, if you have a habit-related question or simply want to say “hi,” then I encourage you to join my Facebook community

I check Facebook once or twice a day, so I prefer to answer questions in a public setting where everyone gets value from the response.  Plus, the group has lots of members who could also help with your challenges.

Third, if you are interested in acquiring foreign rights for one of my books, please contact me.

Finally, if you have an offer, opportunity, or introductions that might be interesting, email me.

For the reasons listed above, I’ll only respond to the offers that are a good fit for my current projects.

Let’s Live Life By Design Together