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We are proud to announce our partnership with Christ Fellowship Church. We tithe and donate 15% of our profits from our books to our Mother church which has helped us through turmoil and has supported us during the lowest point of our lives. We support them and their mission to love the world and its people, one country at a time.

We are proud to serve them with volunteer work and donations. Visit the LARGEST CHURCH on The East Coast and feel right at home!

If you have been looking for a church to praise and worship God just as you are, with no judgement and no criticism then Christ Fellowship Live is the place to go.

We are located in Florida, West Palm Beach, we come here every Sunday. Depending on our business events, we at least go live if we can’t! Join Live every Sunday if you like the idea of Church at home or need love, encouragement, and security with a “Come As You Are” Church.

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The Mindset Makeover

This Printable- PDF complete life planner has been requested from our community and has exceeded expectations. Changing literally everyone’s life that implements the step by steps and how to’s to dominate in every category of their life. Topics covering Money, Relationships, Parenting, Goal Setting, Productivity Hacks, Habit Creation, Visualization, Manifestation Techniques, and so much more. It’s no surprise why this planner has been rated the Best Planner 2 years in a row!

What you Get Inside:

and so much more… Get yours today and change your tomorrow!


What People are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding.

I buy planners every year to keep track of my goals and business, I have just about seen it all. But this one is special. Truly a life changer, and you can’t find a planner like this or anything like it anywhere. I wish it were in Target, they deserve to be in there.
Owner of Fine Arts
OMG, I’ve been with Good Self Healing Habits since they started. Their books are what got me here, but the planner? This is what is making me stay. Thank you guys a bunch. You truly changed my life and family.
Administrative Assistant

“We thank our community for the kind words”~ C.J. Perry~

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