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Artists and songs that heal a broken heart FAST! Let’s teach you how to heal with music. First, let me ask you, have you been feeling hopeless lately because of a lack of money? How about because your marriage or relationship has randomly flipped upside down on you? Do you feel overwhelmed with the next couple of months because the holidays are coming up and you don’t have it all together?

Let’s be real, I’ve been there many times. I know what it feels like. Perhaps there’s a way not to feel depressed or highly stressed after everything you’ve been through. Allow me to dive into the ten people you should follow right now! To get out of that funk and get into the right mindset to say “forget the past, let’s move forward”.

If you are someone who believes in a higher power, then you my friend, are in luck today because we have found and listened to literally the best of the best artists this year. However, if you are not a believer in God or Jesus, that is okay. Regardless of your situation and your beliefs, finding good pure music that is inspirational, motivational, emotional, and intentional is the key to your happiness.

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Did You Know?

When healing a broken heart, oftentimes, you’re dealing with other problems. Things such as Depression, anxiety or high levels of stress. As we know, multiple factors go into your happiness and restoration of energy levels. If you tackle one you’ll tackle the other. According to, nearly 50% of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Also, depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among people between the ages of 15 and 44. The crazy thing is that women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression. Guys, we have to lift our women up!

You must be cautious of what you are putting into your body. The kinds of food that you eat have a determining factor on how you feel for the day, as well as the week. What you drink also takes a huge toll on not only your health but your mood as well simply because of the bad energy you are consuming.

# songs that heal a broken heart

What are you watching?

Are you stuck noticing yourself watching the news more often than ever before? Has social media caught your attention with the number of distractions that are on there such as half-naked men and women showing off their bodies, fake people pretending to be wealthy showing off their new prized possession? But, in reality, they are broker than a real estate agent?

Perhaps watching the updates on ESPN or the news outlets to get up to speed on what’s going on in the current war or the numerous viruses that are somehow being made in laboratories since they created an antidote before they released it.

There are a bunch of conspiracy theories from sources and various outlets selling you information that sounds appealing. Too much noise and distraction for one to stay sane through it all, don’t you think? Yes! Absolutely.

How about the content that you are listening to?

Think it plays a factor of how you feel today? Whether it is the radio station that you listen to, the talk hosts/ shows, youtube, audio, or podcasts that you consume that have a bunch of swears, dirty language, nasty concepts, and drama. It’s all the same. Instead of keeping tabs on your kids on what they are watching or listening to, have you been setting boundaries on what goes into You?

If you were anything like me just a few years ago, when I used to watch and listen to everything that was going on, you’d know that it’s all bad for you, and most times you have to turn it off because it’s just too much. So, now we got the point. What do we do now?

What should you listen to? Instead of anything that has no meaning, significance, or calcium source, listen to these artists and songs right here that help heal anxiety and depression. They are literally hands down my favorite people to go to when I have rough times and need a little pick me up. Yes we have them too.

Christian Music for Healing

These are the top artists I listen to, to this day, who have made a huge irreversible impact on me and my mental health, especially when I was lost in life, confused about who I was, hopeless of my future and broken from life and people around me.

I listen to them in my weakest moments of life. When I felt God was a lot further from me than what people made it seem. They brought me out through my darkest impurest moments, and I will forever be grateful for them and their music.

You can listen to these on rotation or switch and alternate. But definitely add each and every one of them to your playlist.

Find the one you feel closest to and listen to them every day. I can assure you that you will feel so much happier daily. Your energy will rise throughout your work day, and you will finish the night strong with peace and gratefulness for your life.

You can thank me later.

# songs that heal a broken heart


I am just listing my personal playlist of people who have contributed to bringing me out of depression, curing my anxiety, increasing my inner peace, revitalizing my joy, and bringing happiness to my life. Please do enjoy.

*Results of curing depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts are not typical, nor am I claiming that they will cure you in any way 100%. Everyone is different and if you have these challenges, be sure to consult a professional who can work with the difficulties that you are facing.

Alright, now here we go! Mind you, they are in no particular order.

The Best Christian Artists


Songs That Heal a Broken Heart

#1 Toby Mac

Toby mac, christian artist song maker

If you haven’t heard of Toby Mac, he is by far one of the most popular and trending all-around Christian artists in the world. With his inspiration of love and light, his passion is spoken through his words, and you can feel his heartbeat through every song that he produces. His music is upbeat and gets you wired and pumped even in your darkest times and moments. Listening to Toby Mac will always uplift you when you feel lethargic, lazy, or just flat-out sad or stressed. One of my biggest recommendations for healing your stress immediately and setting the tone for your day. Listen to him in the early morning for the best energetic results.

Best Christian Song: Help Is on the Way

#2 Jonathan McReynolds

jonathan mcreynolds, christian singer and artist

Jonathan McReynolds, known for his sweet soft voice and high pitch notes, this guy can sing. Not only can he sing, but he is truly talented on multiple instruments while singing. Very interesting to watch. He is an incredible Christian singer, and you will immediately fall in love with his music as he writes about life and his truth. Someone you will always relate to and can feel every word come out of your mouth as the truth of what you always wanted to say out loud. This guy cures depression and high anxiety without knowing it, through his melodies and poetic words strengthen your belief and faith to let you know that everything is going to be okay. My favorite high pitch singer.

Best Christian Song: No Gray

#3 We are Messengers

we are messengers, christian rock band, christian artists

Have you ever heard of N-sync and backstreet boys? Well, this band is both of them combined mixed with sweet original sounds that you never heard of before. We are Messengers, sing songs through the love, light, and message that comes from God hence their name. They speak about what is on their mind and what are on the people’s mind. They make music that gets you in the most exciting mood even after you have heard the worst news of your life. If you are ever feeling defeated or hopeless, throw on these guys, and I can guarantee you they will pull you out of whatever has gotten you down for the week in an instant. Add them to your playlist.

Best Christian Country Song: Point To You

#4 Marvin Sapp

marvin sapp, christian singer

Marvin Sapp. If you are a big fan of T.d Jakes music or Kirk Franklin, this guy is just as big. As Marvin has gone through so much stuff in his life, he’ll tell you how he got through with his music. Everything that you have gone through, this guy will show you the path. If you ever needed someone to lean on, you can count on Marvin Sapp to get you through all your struggles. I used to struggle with low energy and hopelessness of breakthroughs, but when I landed on him, he truly improved my mental strength and helped me through sadness and grief. Such a powerful singer. Literally my favorite go-to when I need to cry and heal through my pain.

Top Christian R&B Song: My Testimony

# songs that heal a broken heart

#5 Brandon Lake

brandon lake, christian rock artist

Brandon Lake is such a unique character. As the lead singer of the band or ministries House of Miracles, this guy moves crowds through his outstanding voice. He is so interesting to watch because he is this country white boy who can transform into multiple lights. If you watch him, you will feel in love because the nature of God flows through him. The beautiful thing about Brandon is that he is all for mental health awareness and speaks for those who struggle with mental challenges.

If you check out his website, you’ll learn that with the release of his new record “HELP!,” which aims to create awareness and start conversations about mental health, Brandon Lake has teamed up with BetterHelp to offer a free month of therapy for you. Isn’t that so amazing? Not many artists do that. If you struggle with depression, high stress about work, being lost in the world or are confused about what to do next in life, listen to Brandon Lake, and you’ll forever be delivered from it.

Best Christian Worship Song: Gratitude

#6 Chandler Moore

chandler moore, christian r&b artist,

Hands down, out of every person here who is my favorite singer or rapper, this guy is my favorite of all favorites. A new aspiring artist and singer, Chandler Moore has been making huge noise in the Christian music industry. Having only been around for just a few years, this guy has been rubbing elbows with the biggest names in the music of the healing industry. With millions of views on Youtube and hundreds of thousands of followers, it makes sense as to why. His voice cannot be matched with anyone else because it is so rugged yet so sweet.

OMG, hands down, my best recommendation. If you have been scared to share your thoughts and viewpoints about things that you know you cannot say out loud, you can lay at rest. The reason for that is because he will say it for you. He’s bold and thorough, a real praiser, and will cure your pain with just one song. Just try him.

Best Christian Praise Song: Man Of Your Word

#7 NF Music

nf music, christian rappers

Man, smh NF Music. If you are a lover of rap music, this Christian rapper will blow your mind. Have you ever heard of Eminem or Nas? Imagine them two in one. That is how sick this guy is lyrical. He is extremely blunt and bold, raps without care share his pain through his music, is extremely talented and intelligent with his words, and lyrically is probably the best rapper since those two that I mentioned above.

You cannot find a better rapper who will say everything that is on their mind. Unless you listen to garbage mainstream music. But because he can relate to you, you will feel goosebumps as your pain and fear leave your body. If you need truth or awakening to relieve the pressure that makes you weak, throw on NF Music and watch what happens to your day.

Best Christian Rap Song: If You Want Love

#8 Aha Gazelle

aha gazelle, christian rapper

Aha Gazelle is the truest and most authentic rapper in the rap industry period. Have you ever heard of Drake? I compare Aha to Drake. Lyrically unmatched when it comes to his flow of words and his unique way of carrying his message. I came out of loneliness and confusion about my purpose in life many years ago from this man right here. I fell in love with how he tells his story because it’s like mine and many of you guys who are reading this today.

We all have gone through hardship and trauma, and Aha Gazelle is no different. The man carries you on his back through it all. I have never seen such a breakthrough in my life with my success with any other person other than Aha Gazelle. Truly mean that. I hope he sees this someday! If you need something new, something lively, or inspiring, truthful, honest music, Aha will be the go-to every time. He never fails you. Every song is a hit. You can thank me later.

Best Christian Rap Song: Vegeta

# songs that heal a broken heart

#9 Ryan Stevenson

ryan stevenson, christian artist,

In love with this gentleman right here. Truly the most exciting artist to listen to when everything in your world has turned upside down. There is this one song called “Eye of the Storm” which is truly a song that will make you cry. It hurts because of what you’ve gone through but heals you at the same time. All his songs are a must listen however, this song, as you can tell, is the only song listed here. It is truly one you must put on speed dial and repeat when you are feeling down and out.

Everybody on this list is just as amazing as Ryan, but Mr Stevenson is probably a hidden gem laying underneath all these diamonds.

Best Christian Rock Song: No Matter What

#10 Steffany Gretzinger

steffany gretzinger, christian artist

If Steffany can be our surrogate mother for our family, I would pay double to have a child who is as talented of a singer as her. Steffany Gretzinger, as you can tell, is super ladylike in her picture. However, do not be fooled by her Mariah Carey voice. She can sing her tail off.

Not only can she sing, but this girl can show her faith like no other. If you watch one of her videos on youtube, this woman can out-praise Jesus. She loves him so much, and you can tell the amount of joy and passion she has in her music as she expresses gratitude and healing. Just the kind of person we need in our life.

If there is one person that you need energy and healing from, listen to Steffany for just a few minutes and watch her go. You’ll be touched by the holy spirit and immediately eradicated from all of your pain and worries.

Best Christian Song: No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

Final Thoughts on Healing a Broken Heart

Christian songs and Christian artists are a dime a dozen. Many people are coming out of the woodwork with amazing songs touching people’s hearts. Without a shadow of a doubt, good music can heal pain, worry, stress, anxiety, and depression.

It is known that music is the #1 de-stressor that works for anyone, anywhere, at any time. You just have to be consistent and continuously play songs in the background to get it ingrained in your subconscious. Also, always write down your thoughts about how you feel after listening to each song, like journaling prompts.

If you are unfamiliar with journaling prompts, we have a few good ones here that will help you relax and relieve the stress you have pent up.

Here is your challenge. I challenge you to pick one artist on the list and listen to them day and night for seven days. Come back here and comment below if you feel any different after you have jotted down journal prompts of the songs you listened to at the end of your night.

I can guarantee stress and depression being lifted off your soldiers. Because I am praying for you. I send love and light your way now ❤️

If you got any value today, please help me share these amazing artists who need to be globally known because they are making a huge impact in people’s lives. Let’s save someone from heartache one song at a time.

# songs that heal a broken heart

Until Next Time,

Keep Self Healing

C.J. Perry