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Why do most successful people ask themselves these seven questions? Why only these 7? What is so fancy about journaling prompts that nurture your self-growth and personal development? These journaling questions might be the hardest questions you will ever have to ask yourself. Today we will dive deep into the science and benefits of these journaling prompts for self-growth, self-awareness, as well as the best topics to cover. Ultimately, you should have a better idea of who you truly are and what you are designed to do. Are you ready?

Scientific Benefits of Journaling

According to Psychcentral website, in 2018, a Trusted Source involving 70 adults with increased anxiety discovered that online journaling for 12 weeks greatly reduced their mental distress. Long-term journaling was also linked to greater resilience.

If you have anxiety or suffer from high stress, then more than likely, journaling and recovering the secrets to those toughest questions that you so struggle to answer will deliver you to your freedom.

If you have suffered a traumatic event, digest this. A 2015 research paper from a Credible Source explains that consistent expressive writing may help reduce PTSD symptoms. It also suggests that writing a bunch about a traumatic or stressful events can assist in the management of PTSD symptoms. If you think that asking yourself a bunch of questions is a waste of time, why do many people go to a therapist? Essentially they are just asking you questions.

Wait, so you mean to tell me I can be my own therapist? Where can I sign up? Your freedom and answer to the greatest challenges you are struggling with lie within you, never outside of you. All you need is blocked off time, peace and quiet, paper, and a pen. Or just look up journaling prompts for self growth and answer them yourself.

Great Journal Prompt Question

What makes a good journal prompt? A journaling prompt is good when it gets you thinking for at least a few minutes before putting your pen to paper. It should make you feel uncomfortable to answer? You should feel called out and it should speak directly to you. If you can immediately answer the question, then it is not a good journal prompt. Just like a great therapist would ask you a question, your response to whatever questions would most likely be,”I Dont Know”. If you knew the answer to the questions then wouldn’t your life be your dream life right now?

I want you to dig deep into your soul. It should hurt when you are writing your journaling prompts. You need to elaborate, and your elaboration should trigger more journal prompts. Do not get scared of the questions. Also, do not let the possibility of someone finding your journal stop you from writing and answering your journaling prompts. If you do, you are letting that “person” stop you from your growth. Do what I do and Burn After Writing.

Best Journaling Topics

What is the best journal topic? Sexual, fantasy, dreamy, futuristic, unrealistic, authentic, and personal growth journal prompts are by far the best journal questions to answer and ask yourself. These kinds pf journaling prompts are entertaining and interesting. They open your eyes and mind to who you truly are behind closed doors. They also hold keys to your future. Make journaling prompts that make you fantasize or dream, apart of your daily ritual. Those are the best ones.

Deep Journaling Prompts

What are some journal prompts? Hit yourself where it hurts the most. Your deepest healing and breakthroughs come from your deepest pains. Examples include, who is bothering you the most? Why are you being average? Were you born to be great or born to fit in? Why cant you commit to anything that is worth success? What are you scared? Why don’t you tell people who you really are behind closed doors?

These are just a few journaling prompts that might touch a nerve. The most important thing to know about journaling is you must focus on your weakest parts of you where you lack. Dont just ask yourself silly questions like, how are you feeling today? How did I feel yesterday? Why do I feel anxious?

Go Deeper. Deeepeer. Deeeeppeeerr!

Are you ready?

7 Hard Journaling Questions

Am I taking care of myself or other people more? Why?

Who’s becoming more wealthy, my boss or me? How come?

Is the bible collecting dust or being read thoroughly weekly? Explain.

Do my friends bring me up or put me down? Do I even have a circle? Why is that?

Am I working harder on my job than I do on myself? Why?

Does my social media bring inspiration or desperation? Please clarify.

Am I being the best version of myself I can be, or am I just living average? Justify your reasoning.

How do you feel? Feel fired up? Pumped? Or not so great? Did you even know that this was how you felt deep down inside? Did you know these things about yourself? If so, what are you going to do to change it? What action steps are you going to take to change the answers to those questions? Are you just going to act like nothing just happened here or are you ready to take action?

If your answer was yes, then I want you to take the next step and dig even deeper. I have been asking myself the most painful questions in the world. Questions I didn’t realize could make me not sleep. Just tossing and turning thinking to myself, how in the hell can I make the necessary changes. If you feel like you don’t know yourself well enough like you think you do, I encourage you to read our book Peace Be Shadow Work. We wrote this book in the darkest time of our lives. Which means the questions are cruel. Over 200+ journaling prompts with science-backed psychology that will make you cringe.

This book is not for the weak. So please proceed at your own risk only if you are ready for more advanced questions. When you finish, I want you to email me your results. My response will shock you.

Final Thoughts and a Challenge

Journaling prompts for self growth are wild, they are fun, they sound easy to do. But in reality, having the right person ask you the right questions that trigger you is what you need to change your life. That right person is one of two people: a mentor/coach like myself. Which could be anyone that you look to for answers; or You! Bring out the best in you.

Here’s your challenge. I want you to think, ask yourself, and write down 30 journal prompts that focus on three areas. You sexual side. Your personal growth. Your Trauma. 10 journaling questions in each area. Take 10 minutes each day before you go to sleep to answer these questions. Science proves that any info that you intake within the last 5 minutes before you go to bed, are the most essential pieces of information to process in your mind before you go into subconscious thinking, which we call sleep. This helps you subconsciously find new answers for your new version of yourself that you seek. 🤫 Don’t tell anyone this secret.

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Until next time

Keep self Healing

C.J. Perry

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