Journaling Prompts to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

1.) You understand your name, and what you do but … Who are you?

  •  Explain what you are, and who you are. The question is, who am I? (I am … (energy, a spirit, a god/goddess etc)) Fully elaborate and write until it hurts.

2.) After you die, where are you going? 

  • Describe what you wish it to be, where you think eternity is. Describe what you think it is not.

3.) You know your culture and family background very well, but.. Where did you truly come from? 

  • Why do you have a soul, a conscious, a divine power, energy? What do you think it is for

4.) You have learned a lot in your life, from school, to parents and experience. You know you have skills but, what can you do in this world? What is your purpose?

  •   Your purpose comes from your passions in life. What are your passions?

5.) What are you doing on this earth? Why have you been chosen to be here?

  •  You aren’t here for no reason. Truly think about this. Write anything that comes to mind in full detail. 

6.) Why have you been struggling your entire life? What is the root cause?

  •  What do you need to do differently to have the life that you truly want? Explain in full detail.

7.) Why did your parents not set you up for personal success? What lead them to be who they are and what they are today that affected you negatively?

  • (i)  Can you forgive them? If not, then how can you forgive me? What will allow forgiveness? How can you forgive yourself for what was done so you can move forward? You deserve peace.

8.) You feel like you mean well, and act proper towards others along with showing respect but… secretively why do you hate people?

  •  What truly bothers you about people so much? What perception do you need to develop to change that point of view?

9.) What makes you feel like this world is a waste of your time to be here? 

  • Describe something you feel so strongly in life about that you would change in this world? What are some steps that you can do to perhaps change it?

10.) Why were you stuck with the flaws that you have now? Why you?

  •  What will allow you to accept them?

11.) At your lowest points in life, you wanted to leave this planet. Would the people you left behind care? If so why? If not, then why? What can you do differently to change this?

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250+ Ridiculously Hard Journaling Prompts

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~Write hard and clear about what hurts~

100+ Journal prompts on:

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7 Journal Prompts For Self Growth

Why do most successful people ask themselves these seven questions? Why only these 7? What is so fancy about journaling prompts that nurture your self-growth and personal development? These journaling questions might be the hardest questions you will ever have to ask yourself.