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Rated the Best Journaling Prompts to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

1.) You understand your name, and what you do but … Who are you?

2.) After you die, where are you going? 

3.) You know your culture and family background very well, but.. Where did you truly come from? 

4.) You have learned a lot in your life, from school, to parents and experience. You know you have skills but, what can you do in this world? What is your purpose?

5.) What are you doing on this earth? Why have you been chosen to be here?

6.) Why have you been struggling your entire life? What is the root cause?

7.) Why did your parents not set you up for personal success? What lead them to be who they are and what they are today that affected you negatively?

8.) You feel like you mean well, and act proper towards others along with showing respect but… secretively why do you hate people?

9.) What makes you feel like this world is a waste of your time to be here? 

10.) Why were you stuck with the flaws that you have now? Why you?

11.) At your lowest points in life, you wanted to leave this planet. Would the people you left behind care? If so why? If not, then why? What can you do differently to change this?

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22 Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Shadow Work is another fancy word for “The Practice of Self-Awareness.” With a multitude of other practices to work on self-discovery, by far over half a million people believe shadow work to be the best one.

Not only does shadow work teach you about why you do the things you do, but it also allows you to heal from it. Heal from your pain and past bad memories that you hold on to that inhibit your growth and finding the peace that you so much deserve.