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I’m going to teach you how to be disciplined in the most practical and easiest way possible. We’ll dive into 4 tips that I use on a daily basis, that are easy to understand to help you control yourself better. This will help you create a routine for yourself and keep you motivated to still go after those most challenging tasks. Use this time as a power hour to give yourself the pep talk that you need. Your mind is one of the most difficult things to control. Now let’s tame it.

Allow me to just say first, that most people don’t know where to even begin when it comes to being more disciplined. And that is okay. I know I didn’t know at first. I had no idea what the hell I was even doing. For most, it is mainly because the judgment on themselves isn’t too pressing yet. They know they have a problem, however, what they don’t know is where the problem is coming from.

All that is needed is clear direction and a little guidance on how to work on yourself and you will easily learn how to be disciplined. (Before jumping into this super important topic, read these steps on how to be more disciplined, then come back to this).

Now let’s get into the breakdown of how to be disciplined.

Discipline Tip #1

How to Be More Disciplined

Start . Super. Small

One of the biggest misconceptions about learning how to be more disciplined is that people think they have to be perfect and go big on every step that they take. This is not necessarily true. The truth of the matter is, that you are not perfect. God says this very well in the bible. If you are not a believer in God, just compare yourself to someone who you think is perfect. Then ask them what are their flaws, and they will tell you.

The reality is, that when learning how to be disciplined, it takes baby steps to achieve those goals. One step at a time. Just as a baby is learning how to walk, they try every single day, one baby step at a time (literally) to learn how to walk.

How to Start Small

You first must be determined to get the task completed. Second, you take the biggest new project of yours, and then break it down into simple steps. For example, let’s say you would like to wake up earlier to make more time for yourself and live the dream before your kids wake up, or before you have to clock into that annoying workplace that you dread so much on Monday mornings.

If you would like to get up at 5 am or earlier, but you usually get up at 7 am because your kids come running into your room, or you wake up 31 minutes just before you have to clock into work, set your alarm clock back to 5 minutes each day.

When you wake up with that annoying alarm clock, your brain will see that 5 minutes is not a big difference from the usual time you get up. With consistency and a daily pattern, your mind will start to notice a change taking place, allowing you to get up 5 minutes earlier each time. You will hit your goal in no time.

I started years ago and it has helped me to go from waking up at 830 AM to 4 AM, every single day, including Saturdays and Sundays. By teaching yourself to focus on such a small shift in mindset, you will be able to become more disciplined through baby steps.

The same idea here is true for any challenge whether you want to exercise, eat healthier, go to bed earlier or stop watching tv or scrolling on social media. Take the “Goal” and do the minimum each day, and increase it slowly each day until you get your desired outcome.

Examples of starting small: going to the gym for 5 minutes each day, and doing one simple exercise. Eat one healthy meal per day. Go to bed 5 minutes earlier. Decrease your watch time per day 30-mins to an hour of Tv, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook. Then increase it each day. It truly works.

Discipline Tip #2

Take Calculated Action

The hardest part about anything in life is starting. It takes so much energy to do something completely brand new. Your mind has to learn exactly how to do something, which requires energy and thought. This is why most people do not like change, and also become lazy or procrastinate when it comes to taking action. We are so used to the norm, and anything that is not the status quo, our brain despises it.

However interesting enough, by shifting your attention from the idea to the end result, you build motivation. Once you have the motivation you’ll have the drive to take action.

But what happens if you don’t have the drive or motivation? What do you do then? All you do is ” DO SOMETHING”. Action leads to more action and inaction leads to more inaction. By doing the minimum, your brain will appreciate the less effort given, since it is “easy”. But once you start doing something your mind starts to awaken and build the drive and momentum. Use that motivation to keep going and complete your desired task. Let’s take the exercise example.

How to Take Action, FAST

Let’s say you want to exercise but your lazy ass says, heck no, id rather stay where I am at thank you. Just do 20- 50 jumping jacks right where you are. Randomly. Or do 10 pushups. Or start walking around until your heart rate goes up. By doing the minimum, your determination will do the maximum. The same idea here is true for any other challenge, whether you need to write a blog, coach a client, play with your kids or talk with your spouse about something difficult.

Examples of taking action for more discipline: write three main points for your blog and then write one sentence about each. Call a client and “just check in on them” about their day. Once they get to talking then ideas will start to flow. Throw a puffball or feather at your kids, anything that is light and nearest to you, and watch how fast that will escalate. Ask your spouse what are they working on, or what was exciting about their day, and watch them unleash a pile of words on you. Doing the minimum, just to get started and taking action is the supreme key here.

Discipline Idea #3

Count Down From 5

This is by far my favorite technique. To this day I struggle with being perfectly disciplined. My first words here today were “we are not perfect” just ask God or someone who you think is. Whenever I have tried some of the tips here that I am teaching you on how to be disciplined, I tend to come to this technique last. It is similar to pulling out the secret weapon when all your other weapons are broken. This secret tip founded by Mel Robbins works extremely well in any situation.

How to Count Down From 5 to Get Anything Done

Whenever you need to get something done, but for some reason, your brain tells you to sit your punk butt down, all you have to do is count down from 5. This 5-second window is your delay and research opportunity for your mind. It is the timeframe in which the brain is seeking information to determine why you should not do that which you are intending on doing. It also brings emotions and feelings into the mix which makes it 100x harder to say no to. Your brain is highly intelligent. So what you want to do here is beat it before it starts to think.

By counting down from 5, you are giving yourself an ultimatum. An “or else” kind of situation where your body will do what you ask of it, but only after you say the last number of the count down. Similar to a child when you count down before you give him a booty spanking, it’s the same idea when talking to your mind. You are ultimately in control, and your mind and body are the kids.

By using tactics and disciplinary actions, your mind will eventually start to give in. But just as a young child knows, your brain must first tempt you to see what it can get away with. It will break all the rules, and what you let it get away with, only turns into worse matters.

It starts to become harder to tame your mind. However, never Impossible. All you need are the right tools and training and just like when seeking help such as a parenting class or a book for learning how to parent, it is the same for learning how to be disciplined. Use this tool, also known as a secret weapon, to master the stubborn You, and discipline yourself. You know what is best for you, not your mind. You are in control, not your brain. Just stand your ground, be determined, try every day, never give up and put your foot down when dealing with the out-of-control, You. You got this!

Self Control Tip #4

Create an Easy Atmosphere

One of the numerous ways that our brain functions is through automated processing and functioning. Have you ever wondered why you don’t remember the majority of your week or day? It is because we live on autopilot roughly 80% of the day. The brain wants things done easily and efficiently or else it chooses not to do it whatever “it” may be. Therefore if you want to discipline yourself, you have to make things easy for your brain. You have to create, what I like to call, an “Easy Atmosphere”.

Meaning whatever you want to do, that is not a part of your norm, which is practically everything that you wish to have that will make for a better life, must be done in a way that can effectively and efficiently be added to the queue of automations. Your brain will not accept that which cannot be easily processed automatically. For instance, if you wish to wake up in the morning to go for a run, walk or exercise, to make it a new habit you must first have everything prepared to that there will be no delays for thought to overrule your decision.

How to Create an Easy Atmosphere

If you have your gym wear either on you when you go to bed or within arms reach, along with your shoes you will have more of an inclination to work out whereas if you did not have them readily available, you will almost instantly back out of that which you chose to do for yourself. The discipline comes from the repeated habits that you create. By continuously showing up for yourself you will have more confidence to do new things that you normally do not do. You will also have more willpower as you set up tricks all throughout your life that help you win the fight against the brain.

The idea here is to beat your mind before it comes up with a genius idea. An idea that shoots your dreams down. It will bring about the dirtiest tactics to always beat you down. Bringing in your feelings, your emotions, your reasons, justified excuses, and plans that sound good but are indeed bad for your success in life. It is like a child, except it’s smarter than you. All you need to know how to do is to trick itself and you will always win. Sounds harsh but that is the way I am going to put it.

Sure it is easier said than done, but when all else fails, get you an accountability partner to make you do the thing you said you are going to do for yourself.

Discipline Secret #5

Get an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is a dime a dozen. Some people may not be qualified to hold you accountable to your goals simply because their vision does not align with yours. Their thinking is not one or the same.

However, if you have someone who truly cares about you, who is invested in you through a relationship or partnership, there is no better way to form discipline than someone who is willing to call you out on your B.S. Through the hardship and pain, that person should be by your side and always check in with you, making sure you are being held accountable for what you said you were going to do.

This accountability partner does not have to be someone who is wealthy, or rich. They don’t have to be family or a friend either. They could be a stranger. But of course, someone who you know or may want to know would suit you better. They just have to be someone who understands your goal, your mission, your reason, and the expectations of what you’re asking of them. Sure it is always great to find an accountability group like The Good Self Healing Habits Club, or a mentor who you wish to follow however, the best person simply just has your best interest at heart.

How to Find an Accountability Partner

The quickest way to find an accountability partner is by going through your contacts list and seeing who you are closest to that you know cares about you or your goals. Then once you have that person in mind, you call them and ask if they are working on something that they need help being accountable to. This shows you’re willing to help them and not just take from them. Once you have established common grounds, you can easily create a mutual understanding that is an agreement to be accountability partners until success.

For example, if you are starting a business, and you need a support group or person, find one who is in business or starting a business and reach out. 9 times out of 10, they too need an accountability partner because unfortunately there aren’t a lot of people who are doing the same thing that you are doing or want to do.

The same idea is true for a workout partner. All you need is to set the guidelines and expectations. You could say something along the lines of, “I plan on going to the gym 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes minimum. I will send a picture of me at the gym to you every day for the next 21+ days. If I don’t send a picture that day, I will cash app you $20”.

It sounds a little crazy but it will work because, they want your money, and you definitely don’t want to give it to them. There are thousands of ways to create a partnership and accountability partner. Be creative and use that beautiful noggin of yours. You can also of course, for free join our accountability group where thousands of people will hold you accountable for whatever it is that you wish to do. We have your back!

Final Thoughts and A Challenge

Learning how to be disciplined is a tough process. It requires persistence, tenacity, patience with thyself, and good habits. You can not learn the answer to any issue in life just by reading. Learning how to be disciplined, only comes from practice and daily action on the right steps mixed in with the right knowledge.

Even if you have no self-control and you try to break the cycle for one day, you have already disrupted the automated process of who you are. With continued effort, you will become the person you have been trying to be.

Here’s the challenge, I challenge you to join an accountability group here with us. We have thousands of people waiting to hold you accountable. Secondly, I want you to try each tip here in this post for 7 days every single day, starting today. I want you to then write a comment down below saying what you gained, and what you lost from doing so. We will personally tell you what you need to correct to be better. I want nothing but the best for you and your growth. I’ll see you in a week!

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C.J. Perry

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