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Here are my best meditation room ideas! In today’s read, I will dive into the easiest ways to start up a perfect spiritual room using what I like to call, essentials for a meditation room or zen space, especially if you are on a tight budget. I use my spiritual room and turn it into my meditation and yoga space. It keeps a pure feeling while in my sessions.

Now, these were the exact things that I bought for my meditation room safe space and it has taken me extremely far especially when I didn’t have all the money that I needed to get everything on my expensive list. So make sure to take notes. Are you ready to get started?

Creating a dedicated meditation space in your home can provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for your practice. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a meditation room, what to put in it, and how to create one at home.

Meditation Room Planning

How to decorate a room for meditation?

When it comes to decorating a meditation room, the key is to create a calm and serene atmosphere. Here are some tips:

What do you put in a meditation room?

While the design of a meditation room can vary depending on personal preference, here are some essential items to consider adding:

How to make a meditation room at home?

Creating a meditation room at home can be done in a few simple steps:

What do you put in a Zen room?

A Zen room is similar to a meditation room but with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. Here are some ideas on what to put in a Zen room:

Creating a meditation or Zen room can be a wonderful way to enhance your meditation practice and provide a peaceful retreat in your home. By incorporating calming colors, natural materials

Let’s dive right into the very first thing I bought for my Spiritual Room. 

Best Meditation Room Ideas

First things first, do not go lower than the prices I recommend here because you will sacrifice quality over price if you do. Just a fair warning. I have been there and done that. Also, everything in my list here is exactly what is in my yoga room and meditation room. You could come over if you want. 🙂

wall art spiritual room aesthetic for meditation room with 12 zen room essentials

THE ART BOX Indian Hippie Mandala Tapestry Wall ART

First I bought some uniquely styled wall decor to cover the walls in my room. Mind you I have an extremely huge, soundproof closet that I put this in. It is the size of my master bathroom. It’s called THE ART BOX Indian Hippie Mandala Tapestry Wall ART. It only cost me $13 dollars at the time and it has created such a peaceful atmosphere all by itself. It took me less than 2 minutes to hang up. I had used thumbtacks on the four corners to hold it up. It literally was the easiest setup to change the look of my room. Choose your mode and color of the room first before buying one. I wanted to have a calm peaceful environment and not go so loud with the colors so I went with a calm and serene beige-like look in my zen room.

candles for meditation room and zen space with 12 spiritual room decors

Yiwer Flameless Candles

The second thing I bought was some spa-like flameless candles. They are called Yiwer Flameless Candles. I decided to go with these because I have an extremely inflammable carpet in my rooms that catch on fire ridiculously fast. That is what my community told me when we had moved in. I have no idea if that is true but I was not going to rush buying real candles that could set my entire room on fire.

The beautiful thing about these candles is that they feel so real because they are covered in actual candle wax. They look real and they have different settings for the lighting and flickering of a flame controlled through the remote that it comes with. I was super excited to have them because they really do look amazing and no one who comes into my meditation space can tell the difference if they are real or not. Definitely worth the price. I Paid about $30 bucks for them. Extremely inexpensive.

rugs for meditation room and zen room decor

Pauwer Cotton Hand Woven Cotton Rugs

Next, I bought these gorgeous hand-woven meditation rugs to go over my carpet when I meditate. They are called Pauwer Cotton Hand Woven Cotton Rugs. It really puts the zen into the zen home decor for my room. I was pleased to see how well stitched they were and perfectly designed. These textures of the carpet are not cheap. In fact, they feel 3 times more expensive than what I actually paid for them. I paid about $30 for them and they were worth every penny. They are super washable and don’t pick up dirt as often as many other rugs do. I was pleased to see it add value to my meditation spiritual room. 

meditation pillow for zen room, meditation room and yoga room

Overmont Meditation Cushion

I then of course bought, a meditation pillow that was recommended to me by my yoga instructor and it has been a game-changer for me. It is called Overmont Meditation Cushion. I paid $43 dollars for it at the time and it is the most comfortable and durable pillow I have ever bought. Although I don’t sleep on it, it is soft enough that I could if I really wanted to, at least for me it is. It has beautifully woven designs that seem like someone personally took their time with, and not a machine, and it has such a plush feel to it. I can sit on it for hours and my butt or lower back does not feel a thing. Definitely a must-have in your spiritual room meditation space. 

dream catchers for meditation space and zen zones as well as zen rooms

Mkono Macrame Dream Catcher

After I got the basics down, I then decided to go all out in my zen zone. I bought a cute but very much real, dream catcher. Yes, a dream catcher. I believe if you are doing Nidra Yoga or asleep practice in a meditative state it is highly essential that you are protected in every sense. It is called Mkono Macrame Dream Catcher. I paid roughly $20 dollars for it at the time and it is still hanging up in my meditation room brand new after God knows how long it’s been up there. 

It was one of my favorite things that I bought and would never let it go even if someone paid me double for it. It gives you a sense of protection when you drape it over your zen circle. The fabric is just oh so pretty and the feel and texture feel amazing. It is durable and the strings do not get tangled or ruined even if it’s been pulled on. Definitely, a must-have in your zen zone as I like to call it.

plants for zen room and meditation room spiritual space

MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants

After, I purchased some artificial plants that go perfectly with my zen decor. It is called MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants. I paid $30 dollars for them and I plan on getting more. They are the cutest plants you could ever buy. They come in these perfect little glassed containers where the rocks go and the plant sprouts out of them. Why did I get artificial plants you ask? Because my room has no sunlight shinning therefore I did not want my plants to die. Also, there is no maintenance, watering, pruning, fertilizing, or talking to them every single morning! Phew! Such a relief right?

The awesome thing about them is that they look real. The leaves and their stem look far from fake and the rocks that they come with look like they came from the beach in sunny California or a Caribbean Island. You can place them anywhere because they are so light and they fit in any corner, wall, or desk. I put mine on the wall which I will tell you exactly which shelves went perfectly for them. You always have to have a nice set of plants to give your meditation room life. 

hanging shelves for meditation room and zen room with 12 ideas for meditation room decor

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

After I bought the plants, of course, you have to figure out where to put them. I had the most brilliant idea to showcase them up on all the walls. I bought a few sets of lightweight shelves and they were extremely easy to put in. They are called Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves. Priced around $20 dollars and they come in sets of 3’s. So you can get one if you have a small room or a few if you have a bigger room.

The shelves were truly amazing because, first off the deal for $20, then secondly, they looked absolutely stunning on my grey/ white walls. The beauty about them is that you can change the color on them if you feel the need to. It truly depends on the color that you want your spiritual room meditation space to be. It also depends on the color of your walls as well so they are just perfect for any situation. 

healing sage for spiritual room meditation space and zen room

MAGNIFICENT 101 Pure SAGE Smudge Glass Jar

After putting my stunning spiritual room together, I had to figure out the cleansing portion of my zen zone. I purchased sage of course. Now many people like burning the leafy sage that makes a mess, but like I mentioned before I have a nice carpet and I did not want to have to vacuum my room every day so instead I purchased sage in candle form. It is called, MAGNIFICENT 101 Pure SAGE Smudge Glass Jar.

They are priced at $20 dollars and it comes in a decent size glass jar. You have different scents that you can get but I enjoy the most the simplest things. I bought the energy cleansing scent. That is all that you need to enjoy the clean crispy air after it burns so gently. It does not make a mess and it lasts a very long time. The scent is not overwhelmingly strong and you also don’t have to burn it long to get a good pure cleansing to feel either. An absolute must-have to your collection in your meditation room or yoga room for sure.

pure sage essential oil and diffuser for meditation space, zen rooms and meditation rooms

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Now to take it further, every successful meditator has to have some sort of diffuser along with cleansers. I took the liberty of buying an inexpensive one that does the same trick as some $200 diffusers cost. It is called Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set. I typically use this during my most stressful days if I am not using my sage candle. It has aromas specially designed for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, overwhelm, and disruptive thoughts.

It comes with a huge set of essential oils that pair well with each other and they have the perfect amount of strength in them to put you in a trance. My favorites are Lavender, Clary Sage and Peppermint to name a few. I paid $40 dollars for them. You can go cheaper but I had friends of mine that told me they do not work as well. This is the cheapest you can go for a good quality diffuser and a big set of essential oils that last you for years. 

chakra stones, healing stone and meditation crystals for meditation room, zen room and spiritual room

Premium Healing Crystals Kit in Wooden Box – 7 Chakra Set

Every spiritual, meditator, and crystal expert has a few crystals in their back pocket. There are literally millions of gems to choose from. Whether you buy them from your local neighborhood or somewhere online, choose the best ones that suit your needs and are right for you based on budget, need, and want. Make sure to do your research before buying. I took the research out of this one for you! For me, I chose these because they had every gem I needed to create peace in my life and inside my home. They are called Premium Healing Crystals Kit in Wooden Box – 7 Chakra Set.

These crystals are about $40 to get you started on all the right chakras. They come in a very nice box, cleaned and ready to go. The quality of the gems is excellent and it even comes with a bracelet and a neckless full of chakra stones. It was lovely to know I had every stone needed to properly execute my meditation session in complete peace and harmony. Chakra stones are a must-have in your spiritual room meditation space so whether you start smart or go big, definitely do not go without regardless of price. 

singing bowls for meditation room spiritual room and zen room decor

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Now this one is not a necessity but it sure puts a final piece to your meditation room/yoga room puzzle. It is hard trying to figure out the best zen home decor to stuff your meditation space but you can literally add anything to make it yours. Me, I chose the singing bowl because of my practices and what I use it for. You can use it to get your meditation session started or end your session. It is called Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

Priced around $25 when I purchased my set. It has excellent quality for the price. The gold does not wear off and the pieces are extremely sturdy. The quality of the ringing sound is even better. They go up to over $1000 dollars but that is outrageous unless you are a collector or professional of singing bowls. Last but not least, it is perfect not only in size but in quality for the price! A great addition to my addition.

buddha meditating in meditation room and zen room with ideas for the spiritual room to find inner peace

TERESA’S COLLECTIONS Small Meditating Buddha Statues for Home Decor

Last but not least, you have to add your final touch. I purchased my very own Buddha to help me focus on the reasons why I do what I do. They remind me to focus and study the perfection of meditation and the end goal for ultimate peace and happiness. It is called, TERESA’S COLLECTIONS Small Meditating Buddha Statues for Home Decor. It was $16 when I purchased it and has stuck with me since. There are hundreds of Buddhas to choose from whether it is the head or the look of the complete statue. It really doesn’t matter much as long as you chose the piece that is right for you. I also have a Jesus piece and statue because it is my religious symbol.

However, regardless of what you believe in it is essential to have symbols all around you to extract that love, peace, and joy that you are looking for from them. These symbols are iconic and they keep you on your best behavior so it is imperative that you get one.

The beauty about the one I purchased was the fact that it has great quality and perfect weight to it, It doesn’t feel cheap and it looks legit. It is a wonderful size for where I had put it too. It was recommended to me by a Buddhist friend and he had one of these so I trusted his instinct to get one as well. And I am happy with the decision because it goes nicely with my other home decor for my zen room. 

I hope this article was helpful! Before you go take a look at how to be mindful in your new meditation room!

Final Thoughts on Meditation Room Ideas

So there you have it, everything to get started and create the most professional-looking spiritual room meditation space. It doesn’t need to be perfect to get started on your room however you do need to get started to have the perfect zen room. The more the years pass after practicing the more you will add to your zen space.

Creating vibe rooms, altars and meditation spaces are my favorite things to do around my home, or at work. It truly creates the effect you need to carry on throughout your day peacefully, whole and intact. By the way, the total I spent was about $325 and I don’t regret anything that I bought. I have heard of people spending thousands on home decor. The only difference between mine and theirs was the price and it does the same exact thing. Who would have known?

I hope this helps you a bunch and you find your forever precious collectibles. Be sure to always do your research or trust someone who knows what they are talking about to set you in the right direction. 

Be sure to do us and others around you a favor and share this exact list on Pinterest and Facebook so other men and women can find their perfect collectibles and get the right things, it is the right thing to do 🙂 It is also hard doing it along with no one to tell you what to get, especially in the beginning. Also, join the private readers club to enter for a chance to receive a Free Meditation Room on us!

Until Then Keep Self Healing 

And enjoy your new toys!

C.J. Perry