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In this article, we are going to dive into everything you need to know that will make Valentine’s Day the best day ever this year for your son, your boyfriend, or your husband. By the end of this blog, any boy will be made happy and you will have everything you need to know on what you should do to prepare for Valentine’s day, the best Valentine’s day gifts for him, how to discover the perfect gift that will make them truly happy, and ways you can always be ready for every holiday every single year that will make you less stressed so you can have your peace and sanity back. 

Now Here is The Reality…

Before I go into the first tip, I want to remind you that you’ll have to do some reading here today to get the perfect gift. Why might you ask? Because boys are logical and not emotional creatures. Therefore you’ll need to understand the way they think first mixed in with your already-intelligent buying decisions. 

Here Is The First Thing I Do

Okay now that you have the golden nugget, the first thing I normally do when I am preparing for any major holiday and determining the perfect gift is, I have that person write down everything they have ever wanted in life and for that year. This may sound out of this world, and perhaps you may not be able to afford everything on that list, but they don’t know that. The only way to make someone happy is by getting something that they always wanted. That is why people wish, why people desire and why people want. 

This may sound too easy but this is a great way to get started. 

Now you may be wondering how to go about this. Easy, the first thing you do at the beginning or end of every year says, “ Listen, I am thinking about getting you some amazing things this year, I want you to write down everything you ever wanted, and everything you wish to do this year, don’t leave anything out.” Once you set the tone for the year, this gets their attention and you can expect them to be on their best behavior the whole year.

The Keys to Success

 The key to this method is to ensure that you plan on getting at least one or two things on their list each major holiday. The beautiful thing about this Magical Wish list is that they will never know which present they’ll get, when, or how. Also, you will never run out of ideas because you can then use your creativity when you plan to go on that wild adventure that they always wanted to go to, with putting your own spin on it or that amazing gift they always hoped for with your own idea attached to it. 

Now I know what you are possibly wondering, well C.J. Perry, you’re right on that one, but, I did not create that magical list yet that will solve all of my problems, or I’m looking to surprise them this year and I am doing some last-minute shopping so, what else do you get for me? 

Don’t you worry because I know just the things for you. I lived all my life that way when it came to getting gifts for him & for her, in fact, all of my kids; so you came to the right place. But if you’ve been around for a while, we are as authentic and cutthroat as we can be here, so I must tell you, the truth is, when getting gifts for anyone, it isn’t that quite simple. 

Here Is Why I Can‘t Stand What the Media Sells…

Most websites will give you a bunch of gifts to get because they are affiliates hoping to get a commission. The same goes for places to go to depending on where it is. What makes the perfect gift is the thought behind it mixed with a special day. Because at the end of the day, a gift can only go so far and do so much, it is the experience that we pay for. The moment of any moment in life is what we truly live for and it is essential that you do not forget that. 

Oftentimes, the world we live in, particularly United States, makes our society a “buy only” mentality versus a “live happy” one. As you wake up and open your eyes, you’ll see twice the commercials on someone trying to sell you something, on every platform, that you can barely catch a break from them without being interrupted. So let’s focus on a way to slow your loved ones down and get exactly what is that they are missing in their life, and this will truly deep down inside make them happy for the long run and that my friend, is mental peace.

The Most Trendy Gifts for Him

The best gifts right now that are trending, that millions of people are seeking and searching for online, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and whatever else God knows what platform they are on; are anything that relates to finding themselves, relieving their stress, living a happy and peaceful day and being somewhere they have never been, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally.

 So, when thinking of that gift, try to get them something that aligns with just that. Something that aligns with their beliefs, what they struggle with, what makes them stressed out every single day, week, or month, what problems they have that interfere with their happiness and be sure when buying that valentines gift, buy one that solves, that problem. 

If anything, that anyone wants, is for you to solve their problem. Deep down inside they don’t just want a toy or computer, or any kind of jewelry, or tools for their job, or any meaningless happy bag or cheap quick, and easy adventure that holds no key to their happiness. Those things are played out, you got to do better and get more creative. 

Here Are The Key Takeaways 

One key thing to remember about boys and men is, they are logical, not emotional beings. Women and girls are the opposite, they are emotional thinkers. Don’t forget! Now let’s get into it. 

Best Gifts and Toys for Boys – Ages 1 year old through 7 years old

If your son, nephew, or baby boy cousin is between the ages 1-7 years of age, then any toy that you did not get last year for Christmas will do. Remember Valentine’s day is about feeling loved & remembered, not a day to celebrate Christmas for the second time back to back. You literally just had a Christmas practically last week. So it does not have to be grand. Any stuffed animal that they could hug, cuddle at night, or carry around with them everywhere they go is the best gift for him.

Then make the day special by spending quality time with them and taking them to their favorite place to go, whether that may be at a restaurant, or park, or movie theatre to see their favorite show that makes them happy. Avengers or Marvel movies you can’t go wrong with. Any animated kid’s movie will do. Make sure to make the day long enough for them to remember, this is about how well you know them, and where you take them shows how much you do. 

Want the best gift idea for him?

The best gift idea for boys under 7 years old, practically anything that they are attached to psychologically, such as a favorite kids show, a video game or movie, they would love to see it play out in real life. Disney land, Disney world, Lego land, circus, festivals, costume characters are all great ideas. Think about it. Create an experience they’ll never forget!

Best Gifts for Teen Boys – Ages 7 years old through 14 years old

Now depending on how developed they are, this could be a bit tricky. For the most part, boys in this age group tend to develop a sense of worldly things. Things such as girls, things that other people have, or what other people do, they are into themselves such as working out or looking good. They are more into their appearance than anything. They also want to fit in at school or activities that they part take in so make sure to tread lightly on this one if you feel as though they need something else that they should receive. 

If they are into girls, buy them a book on how to get a girlfriend, how to care for a girl, how to treat a girl. There is no denying the fact that they are into what they like, if you don’t teach them then who will? If you don’t teach them they will just go behind your back anyhow. What better way to show them that you care by showing your interest in what they are interested in?

Other gift ideas could be, their own personalized sports equipment, like the best basketball, best football, best golf club, and best running shoes. Perhaps a training session with a sports person. You also could participate in going with them to the fields or courts and teach them with hands on training. Sure it isn’t what you were expecting but this is what they would want. Remember it’s not always about the gift, but your precious time, that is the most valuable. 

Want the best gift idea for him?

 Golf cart racing, rock climbing, air gliding inside, or something exhilarating will always fulfill a boy’s desire of a fun experience. Make the memory impactful. 

Best Gifts for Teens and Young Adult Boys – Ages 14 years old through 21 years old

Teenage boys and young men are into the wildest things in this day and age. There are more activities, and new creations of ideas happening around the social media platform and around the world than ever. These are the toughest years to satisfy your young boy because they now know exactly what they like and do not like and they will sit there and tell you to your face, and or you’ll see it in their facial expressions. 

It isn’t like how they were when they were once upon a child. So be prepared for some extra creativity. All these years, sure you may have been doing a great job, year after year, but it is starting to get old. Let’s spruce up your gift buying game this year with these next 3 great gifts for him.

Boys and young adults during these times have outgrown imaginational thinking games. They no longer want toys. They want the best video games, or beautiful girls, to look even cooler, or hotter at school and they want their parents to look even cooler and well put together. Meaning, being driven to school in a fancy car, looking hip or fashionable, being proud of where they live, or speaking like them where they can relate to you more. 

The best gift that you can get him for Valentine’s Day is a better life worth living. Seems unheard of or not what you were expecting, I know but watch what I am about to say here. Try looking at new cars with him, or at a new house or apartment, try looking at girls or playing their favorite sport with them where everyone can see. It’s not wrong to do these things, this just shows that you are psychologically there with them in their growing years and they can talk to you about anything. They will never forget that feeling.

 The most important thing to take from this is showing them that you care, and understand. You cannot put a price tag on that. This shows that you wish to grow with him whatever the cost and that you are ready to make him happy and support him in whatever he chooses to do, blatantly, with no judgment.

Want the best gift idea for him?

Using my tactic as stated before, give him a list of papers and tell him to write exactly what it is that he wants, this will solve any problem that you have in getting the perfect gift. Boys like nothing sugar coated, they like upfront and bluntness. Trust me this works. Keep it simple.

The THREE most important and frequently asked questions of the Year…

What to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Best Valentine Day Gifts for Him…

Will be answered for you all in one. I will give you three of my best. Are you ready?

In a nutshell, all men are the same for the most part… whether it is your boyfriend or your Husband, they have similar thinking. I would know because J.Perry is writing this today for you which should give you peace of mind that an older man is pouring out the truth to you today. Now that we got that off our chest, let’s dive into the 3 main things that are considered to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for men. 

1.) Men Want at least One Christmas Gift …

Men are hard to be pleased sometimes because our emotions are not in the mix half of the time. We think logically and compare the things we have and don’t have, we check them off our list and only get excited when one thing has been checked off. Therefore it is important to get him exactly what he wants. 

Important side note; be sure to already know what your man wants as a present this year. Ask him to write a list of all the things he wants in life and tell him, maybe one day he’ll get them. This will keep the spark in your relationship, and keep him on his best behavior, trust me on this one. Keep it simple.

2.) Men want a Usually Erotic Happy Ending …

As these things sound like common sense, people are forgetting what this day truly means. It is a day of love, not just gifts. After your day has been completed, of course it is important to finish it with some sexy time. Most men would want this all day rather than a gift but only if their sex chemistry is strong. If it is not strong then today is your day to try some new things. It has to be not the same. It must be kinky, or freaky, different kinds of sex. 

The goal is to satisfy a man’s dream, not make him go to sleep to it. Go to the nearest sex store like, Spencers and get you some lingerie, handcuffs, sex toys, or anything that may turn you on. Or you can go on Amazon and get some sexy stuff. Now, it’s not only about him, you must be truly into it to see this session successfully competed tonight. 

Ensure that you set the mood and your kids or any distractions are nowhere to be seen or heard and block out at least 3 hours where multiple sessions can be had. Follow these steps mixed in with what you know or think you know about sex and you will have a happy man that may even forget his name, but not forget what happened. Make this day memorable.

3.) Men want to go out and show off their Women…

Believe it or not, men don’t need much. Men are the simplest creatures on the planet, but people make it complicated. If it doesn’t have anything to do with moving his life forward in the direction he wants it to go then he doesn’t have any care for it. 

Now, of course, men like gifts too, and special occasions, but the important thing to remember here is to keep it simple and be rest assured you’ll have a pleased man. The fact is, most men wish to have a beautiful, classy, smart, amazing, all around sexy woman to show off to the world. This part is a piece of cake for you. 

The only thing you have to do is show off your goodies to him while making a beautiful day happen at the same time. Heading to a nice restaurant, walking downtown, the beach, or even bar hopping, or lounge creeping. Lounge creeping means going from one relaxing night scene to another such as a hookah bar, cigar lounge, actual bar, nightclub, or night restaurant. 

The point is to dress sexier than you ever had before. Make him cry and mope about how good you look and how he is so lucky to have you. Even if it means making him a bit jealous in public. Men love this and get turned on by it. It’s not much that you have to do but just be a little you, but more someone else that you think he may be into. Play the game, “Fantasy”.

Final Thoughts With A Challenge 

The goal of getting the perfect gift does not exist. Do not let other websites fill your mind and kill your creativity with all these toys, gidgets and gadgets that they want to sell you and hope you buy. Valentine’s Day is about you and the other person, and spending quality one-on-one time with them showing them that you listened and you care. Don’t get all bogged up on the hype of what to get your little boy or your man for Valentine’s Day this year. Do all the steps listed in this article and you’ll get the perfect gift. 

I challenge you to do something different this year. Instead of just buying a bunch of meaningless gifts that serve for temporary gratification, try getting into an all-women’s Facebook group that talks about what exactly to do for every type of situation, especially during holidays where stress is most high, and always be prepared. Join our group here and get plugged in on Facebook and join the Private Readers Club to ask any questions that you wish to ask and I’ll answer you like I do all my best friends, when they text me!

If you liked this post and got value from it, please help by sharing it so other women can get their special someone the perfect gift this year. Believe it or not more women are confused now more than ever before when it comes to giving their men exactly what they want without having to ask. Let’s end that today with this article right here!

Peace, love, & light 

C.J. Perry