i am positive affirmations for health, wealth & happiness

Learn how to use I am Positive Affirmations for Health, Wealth & Happiness the right way. Learning the proper positive affirmations that fit your every need requires patience and persistence. Look no further, we have you covered.

Today you will learn what I am positive affirmations are and how to use them effectively. You will also learn the truth about positive affirmations and the reason why it is highly effective.

You will also discover yourself in a new light after reading our +100 I am positive affirmations for health, wealth, and happiness. You will also gain clarity and wisdom that will change the way you think about life and you will live more healthy, wealthy, happy, and overall, differently after applying our techniques with these affirmations. Are you ready?

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Do Affirmations Work?

Do positive affirmations really work? The answer to that is a very interesting answer. The answer is, it depends on you. No one particular person will have the exact same results because we each have a unique set of beliefs. At the end of the day, positive affirmations are a formula for positive thinking. They do work.

However, it solely depends on your belief and faith level. As with everything in life, you must have faith that something will work for you.

As long as you have the information, guidance, persistence, and step-by-step processes, it will indeed work for you. You will have it all by the end of this article. Let’s first talk about what positive affirmations are.

What are I Am Positive Affirmations

Let’s start with a few examples of positive affirmations.

Examples of positive affirmations. Some examples of positive affirmations are: I am strong, I am courageous, I am unique, I am divine, I am part of the pure source of the creator, I am unstoppable therefore I will succeed in every way imaginable. If you are not intimately familiar with I am positive affirmations, let’s talk about what they are in our experience and from our point of view.

Positive Affirmations Broken Down

I am positive affirmations are carefully thought out, creative words that begin with the 2 most powerful words in the world, I AM. These words are connected to your inspirational self that creates energy and manifests what you desire to be at that moment.

If done consistently, you can alter your mind into what you choose to be, forever. So let’s recap. What is the most powerful word of affirmation?

What is the most powerful word of affirmation?

I AM are the most powerful words of affirmation. Anytime that you use I am, use your energy deep inside of you by emphasizing these two words and you will certainly manifest that which you desire at that moment. After the 3rd day, you will see a slight change in your mind and perception.

How do affirmations alter your mind?

Affirmations interrupt your thought patterns and original thinking and write new code in your brain to deliver that which you speak into existence while erasing the old ways of producing thought.

It is interesting enough that I am positive affirmations have been around for centuries and science can prove what it does to the human brain dating back to the early 1800s.

We have known positive affirmations to be positive self-talk. Our brains tend to speak negatively about ourselves almost all day. We are extremely hard on ourselves to the point of self-harm.

We then make negative self-talk a bad habit because it fuels our addiction to knowing all our flaws about ourselves, which in turn become a part of our daily routine. Eventually, the negative thoughts and energy that we manifest into our reality, we tend to become.

It is super important that if you are to seek success in life and become more than what you are, you must make positive self-talk a natural habit and part of your daily regime.

It is nearly impossible to live the life you desire whether at peace, in love, or happy, if you are stuck in the past, using poor thinking habits.

how to stop thinking habits

How to stop poor thinking habits

How can you stop poor thinking habits? By using a form of I am affirmations, A.k.a, self-talk.

These unique positive affirmations are a great way to get out of the funk and speak into the existence that you desire in life. Whether it is healing, happiness, money, success, or increase, affirmations can be the key to your future.

How can positive affirmations be the key?

Along with the steps and practices that it takes to attain success and confidence in whatever you would like to have, whether it is more money, a better lifestyle, being cancer or illness-free, or less stressed; using these better thinking habits will speed up your success rate giving you the keys to your new future.

Boost your confidence in your ability to succeed effortlessly with these affirmations.

You will notice a change start to take place that hard work and steady progress can not do alone. Positive affirmations create your life’s story.

Speaking of my life story, I remember when I was young, and seeking success, every day I used to think positive thoughts about money, business, success, health, and well-being.

To the point, I was borderline obsessed. My secret was, that I used affirmations and I am positive affirmations every single day. I B.S. you not, when I tell you, within the first 2 months of constant positive thinking, I literally saw my life turn upside down for the better. I have never looked back.

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How to use I am Positive Affirmations

How do you use I am Positive Affirmations? Use positive affirmations during the first hour of your waking up in the morning and the last hour that you fall asleep.

There is a secret piece of information known to scientists that believe a portal exists. Those first waking moments and last few minutes of falling asleep, open up a 3rd-dimensional access system to a universe in which you can create.

We can attract and manipulate energy within these realms and phases called beta, theta, and alpha. The most intriguing part is that we can manifest them into our reality.

During these crucial opening and closing hours of our day, is when we are the wisest and most receiving. TAKE ADVANTAGE! There are special theta and beta, time block periods in which God himself has created.

What are these theta and beta time block periods?

These block periods are 4 am and 11 pm. If you tend to get up and fall asleep during these times, these tend to be the most common timeframes for all humans. Use these specially crafted time frames wisely to do your work whether it is a time of prayer, meditation, reading, or listening to positive affirmations for the best results possible.

What are 5 Positive Affirmations I Should Repeat Daily?

What are 5 positive affirmations? The best positive affirmations are:

All things work out according to plan, therefore I let go and let the universe do its magic. I am a pure life force in a human body, and knowing this reality allows me total peace and calm in my life.

I am positive about my future because God is in control of my destiny, my destiny is where I am to be. I now am healed in every sense, because I am energy, I focus on healing the areas where I need healing, NOW. I choose happiness, no one can take my joy away, therefore every day I will wake up happy, and every night I will go to sleep happy, until the day I die, I commit NOW.

Once you commit yourself to changing your life, only then will you see the benefits and the adjustments in your reality come true.

You must use energy to create your life and it must be positive energy of course. Positive affirmations are one source of positive energy that you can retain from the wisdom of the universe and if done with consistency, you will indeed receive what you came here in life for.

Short Positive Affirmations

Here are a few short positive affirmations to start your week strong.

Short Positive I am Affirmations

You can also try some mantras that also work the same but are more personal and intricate.

affirmations for entrepreneurs

Best Affirmations to Repeat for Entrepreneurs

A list of mantras and their benefits includes anything that holds dear value to you. Values include peace, tranquility, love, joy, protection, etc. You can create mantras that you stand by and that you believe in. Anything that holds weight in your heart is considered a mantra. I’ll give you my favorite 10 mantras that I live by.

Positive Mantras for Love and Prosperity

These mantras are very similar to positive affirmations as you can see. The main difference is that they are more heavily connected to you on a more personal level.

They are words that are true, positive affirmations may not be true, but you train your mind to believe them wholeheartedly. I go into complete detail in my book Awaken Your Zen, about affirmations, mantras, meditation, and awakening using positivity if you are ready to take your positive self-talk and mindset to a whole new level.

List of Positive Affirmations for Health

Morning Positive Affirmations

Go all in on our morning affirmations that help keep peace calmness and joy throughout your entire day.

Affirmations for Sleep and Anxiety

  1. I release all anxiety and allow peace to fill my mind and body.
  2. I am safe, secure, and protected as I drift into a restful sleep.
  3. I let go of all worries and trust that everything will work out for my highest good.
  4. I am surrounded by calmness and tranquility, creating the perfect environment for deep sleep.
  5. I breathe in relaxation and exhale tension, allowing my body to unwind.
  6. I release the events of the day and embrace a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.
  7. I am in control of my thoughts and choose to focus on positivity and serenity.
  8. I surrender to the present moment and let go of any concerns about the future.
  9. I am worthy of a peaceful night’s sleep, free from anxiety and racing thoughts.
  10. I awaken in the morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the day with a calm and centered mind.

Max out your day by ending your night with these incredible nighttime affirmations for sleep and anxiety to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Final Thoughts on I Am Positive Affirmations

I am positive affirmations have two fundamentals that they operate off of, faith and consistency. Along with your other practices, you CAN make I am positive affirmations work for you.

The average person does not keep consistent with the majority of the things they do in life, which pertain to good healthy habits. Try this technique outlined for you in this blog post today for a minimum of 66 days which is how long it takes to create a habit and watch your life transform radically without question.

Also if you received any value from this, help us change the world by sharing this post online, everywhere.

Make a positive force around you in your community and others will be drawn to it and they too will change for the better by sharing. Thank you in advance!