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What is The Difference between Positive Affirmations and I AM Affirmations?

What are positive affirmations?Positive affirmations are exactly what the 2 words mean. They are positive, they are affirmations. In the most literal sense, they are affirmations that are positive to influence the mind and inspire you to be positive. They are words spoken freely and creatively to tap into the subconscious and bring out the good in you.

What are I Am Affirmations? I am affirmations are affirmations that are only spoken with the two most powerful words in the world, “I” “AM”. The two words I AM create energy and manifest that which you are at the current moment. They immediately shift your atmosphere to be whatever it is that you choose to create.

With the focus of positive affirmations and I Am affirmations, you can literally change your life overnight if done with guidance, a sense of commitment, complete belief and faith. Come as you are and increase your conscious and subconscious mind to create the dream life that you wish to create!

6 I Am Affirmations To Tap Into Your Divine Power

I am God, and God is Me

I am pure energy and spirit housed in a human body

I am well aware of my powers and energy bending ability to increase my life when I want, how I want

I am no longer afraid to walk confidently knowing that I am connected to the unlimited source

I am comfortable with who I am, as I know that this life is temporary, therefore nothing can take my joy away

I am alive, well and healthy enough to live a perfect life, they way I envision, starting NOW!!!

7 Positive Affirmations for Life Change

No matter what life has in store for me, I know my plan is a course that bends life in my direction, therefore I Am Ready

I choose to live happy, because I know that every morning is not promised therefore nothing can take away my joy

I will serve humanity with my special talents and gifts, and pass on my legacy and fruits to the younger generation

I love myself more than anyone in this world because I am the one who creates my life how I see it today, Thank You ME

I know that I am not currently whole and complete, I am not perfect. Knowing this removes the heavy burdens that I put on myself and I can now move forward in life towards success and achieve wholeness as I practice Good Self Healing Habits

Everyday I have a chance to prove to myself that I am living in this world to make a difference, I am awakening to the reality that I am spirit, love, and light . I SHINE BRIGHT.

My mind, body and spirit know exactly what to do to create energy, live abundantly and healthy. Therefore I believe I am healed and I am pure power that manifests greatness and wisdom. I CREATE POSITIVE ENERGY AND CHOOSE TO LIVE LIKE I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.

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