Here are our partnership online wellness classes you could go with virtually and use a discount code your first class!

Alo is a top brand in yoga clothing, and it’s no surprise that they also excel in providing excellent yoga classes. Their app features professionally-produced yoga and fitness classes, taught by expert instructors, with an elegant and user-friendly interface. There are over 2,500 classes to choose from, including yoga, fitness, meditation, and breathwork, and there are filters available to help you find what you’re looking for, including specific skills like arm balancing or back bending.

In addition to yoga, Alo Moves also offers pilates, barre, and HIIT workouts. The platform is perfect for people who get bored easily and want to explore different fitness styles without having to switch to a different platform. The high-quality videos and intuitive platform are unmatched, and you may even find yourself falling in love with a new instructor every time you use it. One potential drawback is that many of the classes require props to be fully effective.



Boho Beautiful Yoga offers high-quality free yoga classes set in some of the most peaceful naturescapes around the world, such as Costa Rica, Greece, and British Columbia. Juliana Spicoluk, a certified yoga and pilates teacher, created this free YouTube yoga channel, where you can practice yoga while enjoying stunning destinations. The channel offers classes of different lengths and includes beginner flows, relaxing classes, prenatal, intermediate classes, and meditations.

You can also access these classes on Spicoluk’s website, where a subscription of $11 gives you access to a full range of yoga styles, including hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, prenatal, and yin yoga, along with lifestyle guides and plant-based recipes.

Boho Beautiful Yoga has almost three million subscribers on YouTube and is known for its breathtaking scenery, calming-yet-empowering voice, standout music selection, and deep expertise in the practice. Spicoluk starts and ends each class with a guided meditation and savasana, which appeals to those who appreciate yoga’s traditional side. Whether you have 10 or 30 minutes, these online yoga classes will make you feel a noticeable shift in your body and mood.



Cosmic Kids offers an amazing collection of story-based online yoga classes that make yoga, relaxation, and mindfulness more enjoyable and accessible for kids. With over 400 videos to stream, children can optimize their mental and physical health while having fun. These videos are also effective in classrooms worldwide. The platform is easy to navigate, allowing parents to filter classes by length, category, and energy level, such as calm, focus, or active. Each video tells a magical story featuring popular movie characters and superheroes.

Cosmic Kids offers a range of educational content for parents and kids to grow together, including teacher training, children’s mental health resources, and positive affirmations for kids. Cosmic Kids has received various accolades, including Apple’s App of the Year and recognition from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, and The Washington Post. Parents can access free videos on their site or check out their YouTube channel. According to a contributing writer and children’s yoga teacher, Cosmic Kids transformed her understanding of how to engage young ones in their yoga practices, and she has had many successful sessions using their videos.



These online yoga classes provide an accessible and welcoming environment for beginners, featuring a casual and laid-back approach. The classes can be accessed in three ways: through their YouTube channel with over 12 million subscribers, the Yoga With Adriene app, or by downloading their 30 Days of Yoga series for a new class every day. The best part is that the payment scale is flexible and allows users to pay what they feel comfortable with. Classes usually last about 25 minutes, but there are shorter or longer options available as well.

Since 2015, Yoga With Adriene has become a household name, having been recognized by Google as the most searched workout and receiving a Streamy Award in Health and Wellness. Adriene’s authenticity and down-to-earth attitude have made her a beloved figure among yogis and fitness enthusiasts alike. As a result, the classes are conducted in a relaxed setting, often featuring Adriene practicing in her own home with her dog. You don’t need expensive gear or prior experience to participate in these classes – you can simply show up as you are.




If you’re looking for online yoga classes that focus on the true essence of yoga, Strala is the perfect choice for you. Founded and led by renowned yoga teachers Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor, Strala combines the healing powers of tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine with yoga to help people release stress, increase resilience, and improve overall health and well-being.

Aside from the quality content and expert instructors, Strala also offers additional courses for those interested in becoming yoga teachers. They provide various training programs such as the 100+ Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training and the 30+ Hour Yoga and Tai Chi Training for Vibrant Longevity for an extra fee.

Tara Stiles has been a personal favorite yoga teacher of mine for over a decade, and many others share the same sentiment, including Deepak Chopra and MBG’s co-founder, Jacob Wachob. Chopra states that practicing yoga with Tara has been more beneficial to him than with any other teacher, while Wachob highlights how Strala’s principles of ease and natural movement can help individuals develop a deep connection to overcoming challenges with ease in their lives.




This online platform offers live-streamed yoga classes with top-rated instructors like Kino Macgregor, Kristin McGee, and Koya Webb, among others. Subscribers can choose a “plus” subscription if they want to access live streaming. The platform offers various yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha. Additionally, there is a vast library of on-demand classes, programs, challenges, and lifestyle content to deepen your practice. The platform has garnered enthusiastic five-star reviews from its subscribers, praising its high-quality content and world-class instructors. As a yoga instructor, the reviewer can attest to the benefits of learning from top experts in the field and applying these techniques in their own classes.