The 7 Secrets To Awakening During Any Difficulty

While Keeping Calm, Relaxed and Stress Free

You CAN Do This. And I’m Here to Help

“Self discovery is not a destination or final phase, but a realization that our current state of being is just the beginning”.

~C.J. Perry~

Who Are We?

Hello, we are C.J. Perry. My husband’s name is Joseph and I am Christine, and together we make up C.J. Perry. We write books and blogs together in our hidden room in the house. We’ve practiced secret methods to awakening and self-discovery with monks & enlightened individuals for over 20 years. With over 10000 hours of meditation under our belts each, it is safe to say that we know how to successfully tap into our hidden unique divinity and God-like powers for our success. We want to teach you the same thing.

How We got here

For 9 years, and 32 days we have been professionally practicing self-healing methods to only live and attain a stress-free life. Little did we know, we would evolve spiritually and mentally into enlightened individuals with powers we had no idea existed within us. Day in and day out we tried just about everything in books that we read, programs that we listened to, and Youtube videos that we watched that lead us to confusion and running in circles.

It wasn’t until that special day that we realized that we have finally tapped into a power that is hidden within all of us. We are wealthy not only in finances because of it, but also in body, mind, spirit, and soul, which are the true keys to a successful life. We only wish to share it with the world for everyone else to awaken and become enlightened so we can live the life we all dream to live in this world.

My Best 7 Tips

“Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on
my OWN path to achieving total peace and awareness in a pandemic.

Secret #1: Isolate

In order to begin a journey well lived and to find yourself, one must go through an isolation period of silence within oneself to acquire what was lost.

With the extreme amount of noise that you encounter, no matter the crisis, it is impossible for you to think straight. However, all of your answers to your life’s journey can be found by canceling the outside noise and distractions by going to a remote, quiet location. Whether that be in the woods, on the ocean, or in your bedroom. All you have to do is sit in silence.

In the midst of your next difficulty, God forbid you to have one, just head to a quiet area away from the noise, for as long as it exists. Go back into the world when you have evolved.

Here’s how: Even if no crisis exists, spend time alone each day. Get to know yourself through meditation, sitting in silence or journaling.

Secret #2: Introspect

The art of looking within has been the key to your future all along, your future is not ahead of you, it is inside you. Think about it.

Just like every seed on this planet, its fruit is within itself. The Tree is within the seed, not outside of it.

You look deep within yourself using methods of self-discovery. Examples include, journal prompts, psychological shadow work, or meditation, and you’ll then see what it is that lies within you, that will enable you to grow.

How to do it: Take 10 minutes a day to self reflect and ponder on exactly what in the world just happened. Then write it down to reflect on it some more later. Only allow yourself 10 minutes to be upset in the Moment MAX!

Secret #3: Identify

The most successful people in the world are experts at identifying problems and identifying solutions. The key to your success during difficulty is understanding first that there is a problem. Now the solution? Is to assign that problem to your name. The difficulty must be identified first by you accepting full responsibility regardless of any other factor involved.

Life is only designed by you and you only. Therefore you must accept that reality and move on to the next secret of awakening.

Once you identified the problem through the next secret then you are ready to take back control over your life.

What to Do: Make a list of all of your problems, then write possible solutions that only you can fix.

Secret #4: Assess

One of the very first steps to personal growth is to make an honest assessment of where you currently are.

Just as it is important to identify your problems it is just as important to assess and evaluate what you are going through in a new light. The time spent in evaluation will unlock insight and clarity thus allowing you to become awakened through your situation.

The more you know, the less you need to say which results in more action.

Action Plan: Through your difficulty, write in a notebook or a journal about your current situation. List out some things that stand out to you most and try to figure out how you got there in the first place. You will find some answers that will allow you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Secret #5: Commit

Commitment is a promise that turns into reality. You must first decide to change what ever situation or predicament you are in. Easier said than done. We know.

However, the fact will always remain that, your life does not change until YOU change. Change only begins when you have fully committed to yourself and have become angry enough to say “enough is enough”. “I choose to change this”.

Not a single individual ever becomes great or overcomes without the motivation, and the determination to do what it takes to achieve that which they desire. It must be a burning desire through a form of rage for it to fully work.

Here’s what to do: Channel your energy into the direction in which you want it to go. Where focus goes energy flows. Write on a notebook, your goal in what you wish to attain in this situation. Next to this goal I want you to draw an X, a long signature line, the date and a reasonable deadline, Then sign it!

Secret #6: Visualize

Your third eye has the capacity to manifest that which you desire. The art of creation, as a painter, creates a wonderful masterpiece, first by starting with vision.

The greatest legends in any arena or field first had a vision. They were able to dream, think, sleep and even daydream about the change that they wished for. Our minds spend 87% in the past with the same thoughts as yesterday. Which leaves 13% to dream about the future as well as your vision for the success of your current situation.

Try This: Create a digital or physical vision board using the internet and google images. Extract all things that picture your ideal successful situation for your life. It could be your business, life, parenting, your relationship, a tragedy, etc. Use your inner child’s creativity.

This may take some time but Rome was not built in a day. Once complete, spend 5 minutes a day staring at it and watch what your mind will do for you. You can also try the pillow trick and place what you desire under a pillow before you sleep. Subconsciously your brain knows how to manifest.

Secret #7: Implement

Knowledge without application is information. But information and knowledge applied is wisdom ~C.J. Perry ~

After acquiring all knowledge that is required, you then must move forward on those conforming ideas. With every secret needed to awaken, execution is the final step to ensure success in your situation. It may sound like common sense but 83% of people fail due to lack of proper execution and lack of tools needed to head in the right direction.

Here’s what you do: Each day that you practice these 7 secrets, when you have the answers, ensure to implement your plan of action the exact moment you are thinking to yourself about what to do next without procrastinating. Use the 5-second rule from Mel Robbins. As you portray your thoughts in mind, count down from 5 and act immediately on one.

What do you do Next?

As you practice these seven secrets to awakening, you will inherit a true power of authentic self-discovery that will enable you to succeed in anything you wish to accomplish even through the most difficult times. 

It is a lifelong journey but with calculated steps, your journey to awakening does not have to be a long one.

Our blogs and words of wisdom will help you uncover that which you seek. Your education and knowledge are essential to get out of any difficulty in life. If you wish to continue learning how to fully awaken in every area of your life, we have 21 Secrets to Awakening and Living A Stressed Free Life, in full detail. Our book has 102 years of wisdom in one sitting with words from worldwide experts in Meditation, Mindfulness, Spiritual Awakening, Zen, and Energy Tapping. AWAKEN YOUR ZEN by C.J. Perry

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