I want to help my audience and the world grow in mind, body and spirit whatever that may mean to them. Life is stressful but it doesn’t have to be. We all aspire to be successful whether in business, making God happy or your loved ones. The most important key to achieving success is keeping at peace with your most inner self, discovering yourself and capabilities and releasing love onto the world. So what better way to make all this happen than to do this together.

1.) Provide easy step by steps to discovering your true most authentic self

The most practical way to discover yourself is through self assessment methods and practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, practicing self love techniques, I am affirmations, journaling, reading and creative expression of thought whether that be art, self talk, writing or body movement.

2.) Help people find peace and self love while achieving success .

Life is hard but it doesn’t have to be. We all seek success especially if you’re the entrepreneur , business, life enthusiast or peace maker kind of person. All of us learn what it takes except we forget to learn one thing that matters through it all, loving yourself and keeping your sanity and peace. This is the hidden gem that will make success taste that much sweeter.

3.) Recommend the best products and services so that people will always know what’s their next best step

With all the millions of blogs, YouTube channels and resources out there to get free information, it seems that people get mislead more anymore each year. Good self healing habits plans to put an end to that and instead lead people in the right direction that fastest way possible. No more time wasters or terrible advice.

4.) I want to have a community of enlightened leaders who love themselves more so others can too!

Every day thousands of millionaires and successful people are born everyday from living the life of a leader. What they may be missing and lacking is self love and the heart that keeps loving others. People need more of this self love from leaders so that they too can find peace and happiness with the current moment.

5.) Eventually I want to launch my very own leadership training and self love school

There is evergreen content from educational programs such as coaches, programs, courses and videos who give enriched advice for those who seek it. I want to make it easier world wide and almost mandatory for kids, and young adults from 10-35 years old to take these course that better their lives and the world we live in. I think its possible do you?


With everything said, this makes up half the vision of what good self healing habits wants to offer to our community and within time, the complete vision will be revealed onto the world which will soon be thankful that a small community was able to start a massive moment worth living and dying for!